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Quick Fixes For Common Wooden Venetian Blind Problems

Nothing lasts forever and the chances are that after a period of time, many window treatments will require minor repair work. Venetian blinds are no exception to this but thankfully, the majority of minor problems that require attention can be easily fixed without the use of a professional.

One thing worth bearing in mind, however, is the warranty of your product. If you do decide to take DIY matters into your own hands, this could make the manufacturer's warranty void so make sure you read up on documentation first.

How to replace lift cords, ladders and broken blind slats

Required Materials

  • Replacements of what it is you're trying to fix – lift cords, ladder tape/strings or blind slats.
  • A work surface large enough to replicate the size of the window, any large table should suffice.
  • A sharp tool such as scissors or a knife. If it's wooden Venetian blinds that you're repairing, then a wood saw may be necessary.

In the case of slats, it's imperative that you get the correct measurement and cut them down (if necessary) accordingly. Once this preparation has been completed, you are ready to start the replacement process.

Firstly, lower your blinds down as far as possible, turning the slats by hand if they don't want to budge too easily. Once this is done you'll need to remove them from the windows, this is easily done by unclipping the blinds from the fixings. Put them on the large table (or other appropriate surface you're using) and lay them out straight.

The next step is to remove all the excess parts, such as end caps and the bottom rail cover. This exposes a number of different elements of the blind, including the lift cord, and the additional securing knots and clips. The next part depends on what you're fixing. If it's the ladders that require attention, then you'll need to take them off at this point. If not, then simply remove the ends of the lift cords.

Replacing Slats
When it comes to replacing the slats, then you need to carefully move the lift cords through the slats until you are in a position to remove the slats in question. Then it is simply a case of sliding the damaged pieces out, and slotting the new slats in and feeding the cord back the way you pulled it out. The final step is to reapply the lift cords to the bottom rail by either tying or clipping them together.

Replacing Lift Cords
When wanting to replace the lift cords, the first step is to remove them from the two pulleys you will see on either side of the head box. Simply pull the blinds up to the head box, and lift the cords out. Again, it's now a job of going back on yourself and feeding the new lift cord into the head box. It's as easy as it sounds, and all you need to do is feed the cords through the two pulleys and slats and attach them back to the bottom rails.

Replacing Ladders
The easiest way to do this is to place the new ladders in close proximity to the blind so you have something to work with in terms of a guide. As has been the case with the previous two repairs, you need to remove the pull cords. Then remove the slats from the previous ladders, and carefully insert them into the new ones. Take the previous ladders off the head box and replace them with the new ones, which you should fix to the tilt tube head box and the bottom rail. As ever, be sure to re-feed the lift cords through the usual channels and attach them to the bottom rail too.

Once you've put the end caps and rail covers back, all that's left to do is hang the blinds back up on the windows, then sit back, relax and have a well-deserved rest!

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