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Home Improvement Projects

Here you will find DIY advice and information on projects throughout the home.

The aim of these guides is to provide you with impartial help and advice on DIY Home Improvements, allowing anyone, whether you're a do it yourself (DIY) novice or enthusiast to complete a vast range of jobs in and around your home.

If after you have browsed this section, you still need DIY help or advice, then take a look at our forums where you may find the answers you were looking for, you may also be able to assist somebody else that needs DIY help or advice.


DIY Projects by Specific Trades

DIY Safety
Health and safety advice. How to use ladders and platforms, how to stay safe outdoors and when working in the garden. Learn about the safe hire of tools and equipment and how to stay safe when using gas and electricity. First aid help and know what to do in an emergency.

DIY Building & Garden
Building & Garden DIY help advice and guides. See how to replace a single brick, discover how to replace a fence including posts.

DIY Electrical
Electrical DIY help advice and guides. Learn how lighting circuits work, how to wire a two way lighting circuit. What Part P electrical regulations mean to you, how to wire a plug, strip flex and cable and rewire a fuse. Learn about double insulated appliances.

DIY Flooring
Flooring help and guides. Ever wondered what the difference between solid wood floor, engineered flooring and laminate flooring is? Discover how to lay a laminate floor, see how easy it is to cut round those awkward pipes.

DIY Painting & Decorating
Painting and decorating guides. Learn how to strip wallpaper, rub down woodwork, choose the right paper, mix the paste and hang the rolls. Calculate how many rolls you'll need, Information on using plumb lines, paint brushes, rollers and pads. Safety around light switches and sockets. Learn painting techniques tips and types of paints.

DIY Joinery
Help, advice and guides on joinery & carpentry. How to hang a door, fit a lock, box in pipes, fit skirting and architrave. Identify nails, screws their descriptions and uses. Put up shelves and shelving systems. Learn about different woods and precautions when sawing or drilling.

DIY Plumbing
Plumbing help, advice and guides. Cure airlocks, understand your central heating system, identify faults and how to maintain it. Drain your taps and heating, replace tap washers or fit new sanitary ware. Learn how to connect pipework and radiators using plastic push fittings, compression and soldered fittings and joints.

DIY Tiling
Help advice and tiling guides. How to plan the setting out, calculate ceramic tiles needed and prepare the wall or floor. Learn what you can and can't tile on top of, how to lay, grout, cut and drill ceramic tiles. Understand ceramic floor tile pei rating and symbols.

DIY Projects

Access for papering stairs
Applying paint
Architrave and Skirting
Boxing in pipes
Catches and descriptions
Ceiling cladding
Central heating - check the system for corrosion
Central heating - combi system
Central heating - controls
Central heating - corrosion
Central heating - de-scaling
Central heating - draining a sealed system
Central heating - draining a vented system
Central heating - filling a sealed system
Central heating - filling a vented system
Central heating - open vented system
Central heating - sealed system
Central heating faults
Central heating system
Chemical stripping
Choosing wallpaper
Cold water - direct system
Cold water - indirect system
Cold water storage - draining
Cold water taps and pipes - draining
Compression joint - repair leak
Compression joints - making
Copper fittings, joints
Copper pipe
Cutting copper tube, pipe
Cutting and pasting wallpaper
Cutting floor tiles
Cutting laminate flooring
Cutting wall tiles
Double insulated
Drain pipes
Draining Radiators
Drilling tiles
Erecting a fence
Filling holes and cracks
Fitting a mortice lock
Fitting an architrave
Fitting skirting boards
Grouting floor tiles
Grouting quarry tiles
Grouting wall tiles
Hand sanding
Hanging a door
Hanging wallpaper
Heat stripping
Hinges and descriptions
Hot water - combi
Hot water cylinder - direct or indirect
Hot water cylinder - draining
Hot water cylinder - unvented
Hot water cylinder - vented
Hot water taps and pipes - draining
How many rolls of wallpaper
Laying laminate flooring
Leaking pipe joints
Lining paper
Maintaining central heating system
Make a bird table
Marking a starting point for wallpaper
Mechanical sanding
Mortice lock
Painting walls and ceilings
Nails and descriptions
New plaster
One way light switch, in-line switching
One way lighting using junction box
One way lighting using loop in ceiling roses
Paint coverage and drying times
Paint stripping
Paint types and finishes
Painting awkward areas
Painting doors
Painting skirting boards
Painting windows
Papering the ceiling
Papering the hall and stairs
Patterned wallpaper
Plastic pipe
Plastic pipe - cutting
Plastic pipe - push fit collet fittings
Plastic pipe - push fit grab ring fittings
Plastic pipe - repair leak
Prepare floor surface
Prepare wall surface
Preparing the paint
Preparing the paste
Quarry tiles
Radiators - bleeding
Radiators - Draining
Radiators - fit valve
Radiators - fitting
Radiators - remove valve
Remove a Radiator
Removing wallplugs
Replacing a damaged tile
Replacing a fence
Reversing the side a door opens
Rewireable fuses
Screw sizes
Screw types and uses
Setting out floor tiles
Setting out wall tiles
Shelf spans
Shelves - planning
Shelving - angle bracket
Shelving - corner
Shelving systems
Shower booster pumps
Socket Converters
Soil pipes
Soldered joint - end feed
Soldered joint - integral ring
Soldered joint - repair leak
Stripping cable
Stripping flex
Stripping vinyl wallpaper
Stripping wallpaper using a steam stripper
Stripping wallpaper using water
Taps - pillar
Taps - repair gland
Taps - replace washer
Taps - supatap
Tile calculator
Tile gauge
Tile hardness PEI rating
Tiling floors
Tiling walls
Toilet cistern draining
Toilet removing and fitting
Two way lighting using twin & earth cable
Two way lighting using three core & earth cable
Types of laminate flooring
Types of manufactured board
Types of wood
uPVC guttering
Underground drains
Using a paint brush
Using a paint roller
Using paint pads
Wallpaper around awkward areas
Wallpaper around doors
Wallpaper around switches, sockets
Wallpaper around windows
Wallpaper behind radiators
Wallpaper cutting & pasting
Wallpaper external corners
Wallpaper hanging
Wallpaper hanging order
Wallpaper internal corners
Wallpaper faults
Wallpaper for painting
Wiring a plug
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