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Check out our projects section for DIY help and advice, our projects have step by step guides, DIY tips and detailed images to make the job even easier to follow. We cover all skill levels enabling you to start off with small DIY jobs and progress to larger, more challenging DIY projects.

DIY is a popular pastime within the UK and millions of pounds are spent each year by individuals completing home improvements. Not only can it save you money, but by having a go at do it yourself can give rewarding results. Care needs to be taken when performing DIY jobs as accidents can happen, if you ever feel you are not competent to carry out certain jobs then seek professional advice.

If you're not into DIY you can still benefit by viewing our project section, its always better to have a little understanding before you employ a business to undertake any home improvements. A little DIY knowledge can go a long way.

As we are approaching winter it is a great time to improve your homes thermal efficiency. There are a number of DIY solutions that can help keep your home warm and cosy without costing as much a new boiler installation. For instance, you can insulate your loft space or simply block out any draughts.

When decorating your home, every little corner is important. Finding the right balance between colours and materials is the key when trying to create a peaceful space.

Live in a hard water area? Then it may be time to have a water softening system installed. However, these systems are expensive and difficult to install. There are alternative solutions that are simple to fit such as water softening shower heads and faucets. These can help to resolve issues with hard water and improve your water quality without breaking the bank.

The kitchen is such an important room in the house – just think about how much time you spend in there every day cooking and eating! You want nice surroundings with the perfect equipment to create a nice atmosphere in your kitchen.

Socialising within the home is becoming ever more popular, whether its dining with family or having friends over for a dinner party, having additional space for relaxing and entertaining can be achieved with an orangery. An orangery is a bespoke structure which is designed to fit onto an existing property.

Orangeries can have many uses, they can be used to increase the size of a kitchen or additional living space similar to a consevatory, the main difference is that a conservatory roof is connected directly to the side-framing, whereas an orangery has a flat roof element

Both orangeries and conservatories may have brickwork sections or pillars as part of the side structure, but it is more common for these to be a significant part of the structure within an orangery. The windows and doors can be tailored to fit in with the existing property using modern Upvc or traditional Timber Windows and doors. Another nice feature is to fit Bifold Doors which can provide access to the garden, this can give the feeling of being outdoors whilst sitting in comfort of indoor space.

When the time comes to apply for your first mortgage to help finance your new home, having some DIY skills may allow you to purchase a house that needs some modernisation, this can help save you thousands of pounds over a number of years. Take a look at our articles and projects for advice and inspiration.

DIY is not just about your house, but about your garden as well. Having a well maintained garden is top priority for some people. If you are struggling to keep it tidy due to all sorts of outdoor items lying around, perhaps you should invest in a garden shed.Garden sheds come in several different shapes and sizes, so whether you have a small or large garden you can find a shed that will fit perfectly.

Whether you're purchasing that first place or making DIY improvements to your current home, don't forget to shop around for some great house insurance deals that will cover all of your needs.



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