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Joinery Projects

Around the home you will see lots of places where wood is being used. Wood is an ideal material for construction due to its relatively low cost, it is reasonably light but strong and with a little bit of skill and know how can be used to enhance your home.

All homes contain some degree of wood, most homes use a wood structure to support the roof, often the floor is made from wood and supported on wooden joists as well as some internal walls using wood as the supporting framework.

Wooden floors are warmer than concrete and also provide a void to run electrical and plumbing services. There is also a large amount of wood used internally within a home such as doors, shelving, skirting boards and furniture.

DIYJoinery Projects.


Architrave & Skirting Refurbishing mouldings
Boxing in pipes Box in those ugly pipes.
Catches and descriptions Learn all about the different types of catches and their uses.
Ceiling Cladding How to fit ceiling cladding, learn the differrent methods
Doors Fit doors, replace locks, reverse a door
Fitting a mortice lock How to fit a mortice lock and striker plate
Fitting an architrave Measuring, cutting and fitting an architrave.
Fitting skirting boards Learn how to shape internal joints and mitre external joints.
Hand sanding Methods and tools to prepare woodwork ready for painting or varnishing
Hanging a door Method for fitting hinges and hanging a door.
Heat stripping Paint removal methods using heat guns
Hinges and descriptions Learn all about the different types of hinges and their uses.
Make a bird table Keep those feathered friends happy with a cheap and easy to make bird table.
Mechanical sanding How to smooth down wood using power tools
Mortice lock Find out how to fit a mortice lock.
Nails and descriptions Learn all about the different types of nails and their uses.
Reversing the side a door opens How to swap a door so it opens on to the other wall of a room.
Screw sizes Use our chart to see all the different sizes of screws available.
Screw types and uses Learn all about the different types of screws and their uses.
Shelf spans Work out how often to support your shelves with our shelf span chart.
Shelves - planning Learn about what fixings are needed on different types of walls.
Shelving - angle bracket Different styles and types of angle brackets for supporting shelves.
Shelving - corner Utilise that corner with a corner shelf.
Shelving systems Fit a shelving system and adjust it to suit different requirements.
Types of manufactured board Information regarding man made boards, mdf, chipboard, plywood, blockboard, etc.
Types of wood Information on some popular types of wood and their uses, beech, cedar, mahogany, oak, pine, maple, teak, etc.
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