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Decorating your home

Decorating is probably one of the most popular home improvements, due to the way you can change the appearance of your surroundings relatively easily and quickly without too much cost.

When deciding on a new look, bear in mind wall coverings tend to follow trends and fashions, with styles and designs constantly changing and being updated. Also remember to choose a paper that is appropriate for the location.

If it's for a children's bedroom for example, then you wouldn't normally pick a delicate silk or foil type paper. If it is going in a kitchen, take into consideration the possibility of heat and steam where a vinyl would be better.

Spend some time planning your new look, it is better to spend half an hour deciding what look and effect you want to achieve, rather than spend hours removing newly fitted paper due to a wrong choice.

Remember preparation is paramount when it comes to decorating, the quality of the finished job, can be adversely affected with poor or rushed preparation.

DIY Decorating Projects.


Access for papering stairs How to set out ladders and platforms when arranging access to decorate the ceiling or hall and stairs.
Choosing wallpaper Learn about all the different types of wallpaper from lining paper to patterned paper and what wallpapers can be painted.
Cutting and pasting wallpaper Step by step guides about measuring, cutting and folding the paper ready for wallpapering.
Hanging wallpaper Find out about batch numbers and hanging the first piece using plumb lines.
How many rolls of wallpaper Use the chart to calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you will need.
Lining paper Find out how lining paper can be used to achieve different finishes.
Marking a starting point for wallpaper Find the right place to start wallpapering depending on the type of paper being used.
New plaster Dealing with new plaster and preparation for painting or wallpapering.
Paper hanging order Diagram showing what order to wallpaper a room depending on the type of paper being used.
Paper awkward areas Wallpapering around awkward objects, fittings
Papering around a ceiling rose Method for wallpapering round a light fitting and access platform.
Papering around doors How to wallpaper around a door
Papering around light switches and plug sockets Decorating around electrical switches without removing the switch.
Papering around windows Wallpapering a flush or recessed window.
Papering behind radiators Wallpapering behind a radiator without removing it from the wall.
Papering external corners Method for dealing with external corners.
Papering internal corners Method for dealing with internal corners.
Papering the ceiling How to wallpaper a ceiling and setting up a platform.
Papering the hall and stairs Learn techniques for decorating a staircase.
Patterned wallpaper Guides to using patterned wallpaper.
Preparing the paste Method for preparing the paste.
Removing wallplugs Remove wallplugs, nails etc without damaging the plaster.
Stripping vinyl wallpaper Method for removing a vinyl wall covering.
Stripping wallpaper using a steam stripper How to use a steamer to remove wallpaper without damaging the walls below.
Stripping wallpaper using water How to use water to remove wallpaper and tricks to make it easier.
Wallpaper faults Find out what caused the problem and how to correct it.
Wallpaper for painting Types of paper suitable for painting.
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