How to do DIY

Top DIY ideas to improve your kitchen

The battle for space can be a constant struggle in the average modern kitchen. Put your DIY skills to good use by making the space more storage efficient and organised. Whether you are simply improving your old kitchen or have moved into one of the new homes in Aylesbury – you can use these top tips to create your ideal space.

Functional ideas to improve your kitchen

Store your knifes better
Knifes can dull or nick quicker when kept lose in drawers, so a dedicated knife block is definitely a good investment. It's also safer and can save space if you make a simple DIY knife block that is attached to the back of a cabinet door. Alternatively, install a magnetic rack to the wall or inside a cupboard to keep everything in better order and out of much-needed drawer space.

Under cabinet lighting
Plentiful lighting is key for an attractive and functional kitchen, but often natural light is lacking and normal ceiling lighting struggles to reach every corner of the room. Shadows cast by bodies and overhead cabinets can obstruct worktop utility, so grab some LEDs or cold cathodes (cheap and easy) and make your own under cabinet lighting. It looks stylish and you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

Build a spice rack
If you're at all into your cooking, you will have gathered a substantial collection of herbs and spices by now and they can be a real hassle to store. Stuffed into a drawer or piled into a cupboard, they look a mess and are difficult to cypher through. There are many different DIY storage ideas for these small containers, such as in-cabinet drawers and magnetic panels. Have a look at the options and choose the one that suits you and your kitchen best.

Add a tension rod
Create an extra mini shelf to make the most of vertical space in your cupboards by installing a window tension rod. It's an inexpensive purchase that will provide a little extra storage for smaller containers and packets. You can also install one in the cupboard under the sink and store cleaning products in spray-bottles from it – the spray triggers will hang conveniently over the rod.

Convert 'toe kick' areas into drawers
When you've done your best to maximise drawers and cabinets, it may be time to simply add more. The 'toe kick' areas underneath your kitchen cupboards is wasted space, so why not install some drawers?

Pull-out shelving
Make use of the narrow gaps going to waste between units and appliances by adding pull-out shelves. They may not seem overly worthwhile but you'll be amazed by the amount of storage space created for small kitchen items.

Make a chalkboard
A chalkboard is practical, can look striking and is a really fun feature in a family home. Using chalkboard paint, you can turn practically any surface into a reusable blackboard, and the kitchen is the perfect place for one; keep everyone organised with to do lists, reminders and meal plans. All you need is some wood, primer and special chalkboard paint and follow a simple guide and then all that's left to do is hang up your finished product on the side of the fridge or a cupboard.

With these ideas in mind, your kitchen can be functional and ultra modern in no time at little cost.

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