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How to Improve Home & Garden Security for the Average DIY Enthusiast

In order to ensure your home and garden remains well protected from criminals and trespassers it is essential that proper thought is given to the security precautions that you have in place.

With hundreds of options being available to choose from ranging in price from as little as £5 for a window lock through to thousands of pounds on an elaborate CCTV system, it pays to do some research so you can find out the best and most cost effective way of securing your home.

Alternatively, why not consider some of the below options that are both cost effective, easily available and can be completed by the average DIY enthusiast using some basic tools and common sense.

Protect your home with simple solutions

Add New Door Locks and Window Locks
Whilst you may think that doors and windows are secured against intruders this is often not the case. This is because many doors are fitted with cheap locks that require very little effort to pick or can be simply forced open with a little effort leaving your home vulnerable to intruders. As such, we strongly recommend that you upgrade any external doors so they feature 5 lever mortise locks as these prove much tougher to by-pass than a standard Yale latch type mechanism due to the fact the mechanism is housed in the recessed part of the door well away from prying fingers.

Additionally, windows fitted with old fashioned latches provide an easy means of entry so as such it is advisable to add additional locking mechanism to them for added peace of mind.

Both these options will be well worth the effort of upgrading and in addition to this are easy to complete and would generally require no more tools than a couple of screwdrivers and a power drill.

Adding Roller Shutters to Secure Vulnerable Access Points
Whilst the above precaution will no doubt provide great levels of protection, certain entry points of a property may be concealed from view in a spot that is not overlooked by neighbours. As such, one of the most effective deterrents that will provide a high level of physical security is the addition of a roller shutter.

Simple to install using a few basic tools, once fitted a they will provide homeowners with a great deal of peace of mind that the inside of the home will remain safe even if a criminal was to attempt to gain entry.

In addition to this, because they are available in a wide range of colours they will not be overly obtrusive on the overall aesthetics of the property which is why traditionally UK homeowners have tended to stay away from this form of solution.

Ensuring the Garage Door is Well Secured
Containing a treasure trove of valuables such as tools, bikes and garden furniture, the inside of a garage can prove rich pickings for opportunist criminals. As such, if your home features a garage then it is imperative that it is well secured when not in use.

With this is mind one of the cheapest solutions for securing a traditional up and over door is to add additional locks on the inside of the door or to install what some people refer to as a "garage door defender". This is basically a metal anchor that is bolted to the ground outside the garage and prevents the door from swinging open even if the main lock is by-passed.

Costing around £65, they take minutes to install but will provide years of protection.

Provide Greater Security to the Perimeter
Although the above steps will keep your home safe should someone gain access onto your property in the first place, the best method of defence is to stop this being a possibility altogether. By this we mean ensuring the perimeter is well defended using high quality fences, gates and railings.

Garden Gate

Available in a large range of styles to suit various architectural styles, the best levels of security are achieved by fitting a physical security barrier of at least 6ft in height so as to make it difficult for somebody to climb over unnoticed.

With a new gate being something that most DIYer`s could easily fit, they prove to be a popular option year on year especially when you consider the protection they offer for minimal outlay.

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This article has been written by Dan from who specialise in a wide range of security solutions for the home including high strength driveway gates, railings and fencing to name but a few.

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