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Kitchen Cupboard Stays – how they work and the choices available

Cupboard stays are used in a kitchen for holding, or locking, a cupboard door into an open position at the top - often used in modern kitchens with overhead cupboards that you can simply lift the door up and then the door will hold in the position you leave it in, and you get what you need out of the cupboard before you then simply push or pull the door back down to close it. Cupboard stays work with hinges on a door to offer this locking position and can be used individually on lighter doors, or as pairs for bigger wood doors. Cupboard stays are also found on children's toy boxes or display cabinets.

Three main types of stay used in kitchens

Friction Stay
Friction stays require a manual closing - using a built in brake function it can hold open which means once you stop pushing it and it will then hold open until you push the door back the other way to close.

Locking Stay
Locking stays are a simple stay that holds the door in its fully open position, which means it has to get all the way to the top before it locks open, then once you want to it can be easily closed again by manually pushing the door back down to the bottom.

Soft Close Stay
Soft Close Stays are like the top of the range choice of stay. It is very similar to the locking stay above, but the difference is that once it has locked at the top you simply apply some pressure to push it back down, then let go, and the stay will then slowly release the door in a smooth sot close motion until it's fully shut.


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