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The Best Bedroom Furniture for Teenage Boys: A Buyer's Guide

Choosing furniture for teenagers can be tough. With ever-changing tastes and plenty of schoolbooks, technological gadgets and clothes to store, finding the perfect closet, bedside table set and work desk for a teenage boy's room isn't easy.

Keeping teenage boys happy

Buying furniture for your teenager? Keep it simple and focus on function

We spoke to the furniture experts at AHF to learn more about the best furniture for teenage boys. From simple tips to furniture recommendations, read on to learn the best tactics to use when shopping for furniture for your teenage boy's room.

Focus on durability
Teenagers can demand a lot from their furniture. Try to avoid buying tables, closets and other items that are designed for aesthetics instead of durability, as you might find them scratched or damaged within months.

Stick with simple, durable furniture when you're furnishing a teenage boy's room. A hardwood work desk and table is a great idea, as are simple, solidly built drawers or storage units.

Most teenagers have a lot of books to store in their room, as well as plenty of DVDs, computer games and other gadgets. If you need extra storage space, use high quality plastic shelving so that your teenager can separate and store their possessions.

Choose a suitable desk
From studying for exams to playing PC games, a large desk is an essential part of the modern teenager's bedroom. A big desk can be used for work, for leisure, for storing books and other school items, and for quickly packing and unpacking items.

Choose a solidly built, simple desk that can be used for working. If your teenager has a computer in their bedroom, make sure not to buy a desk with a reflective top, as it could interfere with the mouse.

If there isn't much spare storage space available in the closet or bedside table, use a desk with built-in storage cupboards. These can be used to store DVDs, books, and a wide range of other possessions.

Functional storage is key
Storage matters, and having plenty of space to store clothing, shoes, and other items is a great way to prevent clutter and mess from developing. Simple things like small plastic storage containers under the bed or plenty of wall shelving can result in a big difference when it comes to bedroom mess.

Before you choose any storage options, ask your teenager! They'll know what suits them better than you will, and they'll often take an interest in choosing the best type of functional storage for their rooms.

Don't pay attention to trends
Teenagers change a lot from 13 to 18, and something that looks great to them at 13 might be an embarrassment a few years later. Try to avoid choosing furniture that's likely to be out of date or dated in a few years, even if they insist it's their choice.

Better yet, buy furniture that's neutral and easy to update as time goes on. Choose a simple wooden bed that you can style with different coloured sheets instead of one that's ultra-modern and eye-catching.

Keep it straightforward and simple
Choosing furniture for teenagers isn't complicated, and most teenage boys couldn't care less if something is rustic, classic contemporary or traditional. Buy bedroom furniture online with AHF that's timeless and built to last – the perfect choice for your teenage boy's bedroom.

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