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Plug Tops

The plug top is the connecting link between your electrical appliances and your home electrical supply. All new appliances come with a plug already fitted, this is usually a moulded type of plug which prevents the user from opening. The only serviceable part is replacing the fuse.

There may be occasions when the moulded plug top needs to be removed and replaced with a conventional plug top, older appliances may already have a conventional plug top fitted.

Care needs to be taken to ensure plugs and ultimately appliances are used safely.

Plug care and maintenance

Never overload a socket with too many plugs or adaptors.

PlugsDon't allow cables and flexes to become kinked or frayed. Make sure plugs are undamaged and tightly closed with no loose connections and that cord grips are tightened.

Ensure plugs are correctly fused. Fuses protect cables and flexes from the effects of overheating caused by short circuits and overload.

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