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Draining a Header Tank

Header tanks are used to create pressure within plumbing systems by the laws of gravity. The head tank will be located in the highest part of the home usually within the loft space. The weight of the water naturally wanting to flow out of the tank forces the water out of the taps and showers when they are opened.

Drain cold water storage tank ( Head tank )

Safety AdviceTake great care when climbing into or working in the loft. If the loft isn't boarded out take care where you stand!

Turn off the main stopcock on the rising main, if you can't find the valve or if the valve is faulty, place a piece of wood across the top of the head tank and tie the float valve up to it, to stop the head tank filling.

Head tank

Turn on the cold water taps in the bathroom. If you have a direct cold water system you will have to open the hot taps to drain the head tank. There will be a small amount of water left in the bottom of the head tank that can be removed by bailing out with a small container.

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