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Draining Cold Water Taps

Cold water taps can be fed directly or indirectly, some homes use a combination of both methods to supply cold water to the taps. As a rule of thumb the cold water tap in the kitchen is usually fed using the direct method, other cold taps can be fed indirectly via a header tank.

Drain cold water taps

Direct System

Turn off the main stopcock on the rising main to isolate the supply to the taps on the direct system. Open the cold taps until the water flow stops. Once the water flow has stopped the cold taps and pipe supplying the taps should be empty. If any cold taps continue running after about 10 seconds then these will be supplied from an indirect system.

Indirect System

To isolate any taps on an indirect system, close the valve on the outlet from the cold water storage tank (head tank) and drain the taps on that system.

If you can't find a valve or if the valve is faulty, place a piece of wood across the top of the head tank and tie the float valve up to it, to stop the head tank filling.

Head tank

Now open all the cold water taps and allow the head tank to drain until the water flow stops.

If you don't have access to the loft, you can switch off the main stopcock on the rising main and open all the taps, any taps fed direct will stop straight away and any fed from the cold water storage tank will flow until the storage tank empties.

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