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Cutting Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are usually thicker and harder than wall tiles. Cutting floor tiles is still relatively straight forward provided you have a tile cutter designed to cut floor tiles.

Cut floor tiles

Once all the whole tiles have been fitted, you will need to measure and cut the part tiles for the ends of the rows and around any focal points. When measuring for the cut tile, measure each cut tile individually as floors and walls are rarely square or true.

Safety AdviceWear safety goggles when cutting or drilling tiles, always protect your eyes from flying shards.

Floor tiles are quite a bit thicker than wall tiles so you will need to you use a floor tile cutter which are surface mounted mechanical cutters.

Safety AdviceWhen using an electric tile cutter, take extra care. You will be moving the tile into the cutting blade, so you need to work slowly and accurately. Be aware of where your fingers are in relation to the blade.

Pro tile cutter A tile cutter that can cut wall and floor tiles up to a thickness of approx 12mm. There is usually a stop that allows you to set the width, so that a lot of tiles of the same width can be cut with ease. Some of the more expensive cutters also have a guide so that angled cuts can be achieved.
Electric tile cutter Electric tile cutter with a diamond cutting wheel. Wall and floor tiles up to approx 25mm can be cut with ease. There is a guide so that many cuts of the same width can be achieved very quickly. The bed can also be angled to achieve 45° mitred joints. Uses water to cool and produce a cleaner cut. Cutting L-shaped tiles is also very easy.

TipWhen measuring for a cut tile, allow space on both sides for grout to be applied.

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