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Wooden floors: a contemporary feature within the home

An increasing number of homeowners are choosing wooden floors as an alternative to carpets within the home. Unlike the prolific laminate flooring that is available on the market today, wooden floors offer exceptional quality and durability.

Such flooring is selected for a variety of reasons from the visual appeal of the flooring to the ease of maintenance and keeping it clean to the minimising of the build up of dust for those who suffer from allergies. Whatever the reason for selecting wooden flooring, Flooring and Doors have a wide range of options to suit every home.

Types of wooden floors

Solid wood floors
Solid wood floors are an ideal addition to any home. They bring a feeling of quality and style to the home that cannot be achieved with any other type of flooring. Solid wood floors can be used equally in traditional styled homes and more contemporary styled homes.

Although oak is by far the most popular material for solid wood floors, there are a wide variety of tree species and styles available to suit any taste. The temptation may be to choose laminate flooring as a low cost alternative but there really is no comparison between the imitation and the real thing.

Engineered floors
Engineered floors are based upon solid wood floors but have specific properties which make them well suited to use with under floor heating. They make use of an innovative, multi-layered cross-section which ensures that they can withstand the unique conditions created by under floor heating.

The construction pattern used in engineered floors means that they are less prone to expansion and contraction problems that are so often associated with solid wood floors. These problems are a result of the changes in room temperature, humidity levels and moisture underneath the floor, created by the under floor heating.

Specialist and designer floors
Flooring and Doors offer a wide range of specialist and designer floors to suit every taste and every home. Dennebos Flooring and Kahrs both offer a stylish premium range of solid wood floors for those who place a high value on striking visual appeal.

Moreover, Forest Floors offer solid wood floors that are exceptionally natural in appearance and design. They make use of natural oils and natural lacquers to produce outstanding results. What is more, Forest Floor’s range of engineered floors are compatible with under floor heating.

Capitol Floors produce a wide range of coloured oak solid wood floors for the most stylish of interiors that demand something a little different. Similarly, Capitol Floors also offer a range of engineered floors for use with under floor heating. Such floors can be particular striking in a contemporary, stylish home.

Wooden floors for every home
Flooring and Doors offer an exceptionally wide range of solid wood floors to suit every taste and home interior. Whether the homeowner desires the traditional or the contemporary, the solid wood or the engineered, wide or thin boards, Flooring and Doors has the perfect hardwood flooring to suit every requirement.

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