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How to Keep Your Garden Looking Great in the Colder Months

Summer is all but over and, slowly, the chill in the air is returning. It's true, winter is coming (Game of Thrones pun not intended) and that means gardening season is over.

Instead of getting yourself down about having to wait another year for the sunshine to come back, you can get a head start on your garden. Just think of how good it will feel to have the only garden in the neighbourhood that is lavished with pristine green grass in the middle of December, or having a nice warm hot tub sit kick back and relax in.

Winter Accessories

For many of us, we look at the garden as a spring/summer domain, otherwise out of bounds during the colder months of the year. Although what you can do in the garden is limited by conditions more likely to be cold and wet as opposed to warm and dry, there is still so much you can do in the garden.

Hot Tub
Who wouldn't love a hot tub in their back garden? Most hot tubs will reach temperatures of up to 104°F (40°C); keeping you nice and toasty while everyone else is shivering. If you do invest in a hot tub, buy a gazebo for protection from outside conditions – you wouldn't want your relaxation to be interrupted by drops of rain now, would you? It is also worth doing your calculation on how much it will cost to run your hot tub.

Shed/Man Cave
Is the shed your own personal retreat? More than an extra space to store all of your tools? If so, then great! If you haven't got the luxury of the aforementioned, then you should definitely look into getting one. Whether you want your own space or are just in dire need of storing your lawnmower somewhere safe over the winter.

Ponds can make for a great feature in your garden all year round, but will require considerably less maintenance than other features in the winter months. Simply make time to keep the water clean, and feed any fishes that you may have, and away you go.

Green Grass in Winter
Fed up of spending your Saturday afternoons tending to the lawn only for all of your hard work over the summer to be in vain? Why not cheat a little bit and replace your lawn for artificial grass?

We do not mean cheap and nasty versions that look terrible and feel even worse. Thanks to the advanced technology that is now used to manufacturer artificial grass, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between fake and real grass.

If you hate to see dead patches of grass, and mud trampled all the way through the house by pets and/or children, artificial grass is the way to go. If you visit this website, you will find a number of suitable examples for residential and commercial use.

As summer flowers peter away, weeds continue to be menace in the winter months and will require attention. Seemingly growing everywhere, in the most inconvenient of place such as between pavement tiles, around the edge of the garden and anywhere else, this can be a time consuming job.

An effective way to help keep weeds away, if you want to save yourself the time of manually pulling them out one by one, is to cover weeds with material. This stops sunlight and rain from reaching the plant, thus killing weeds. Be careful to not cover your plants or lawn, though.

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