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How to Install a Window Stay

Window stays are easy additions that you can make yourself to your property's casement windows. They're useful not only because of the extra functionality they add but also added security they offer.

A window stay is a combination of two things: there's the metal arm that attaches to the opening section of the casement window and the one or two pins that fix to the bottom of the window frame. The arm is fitted with evenly spaced holes and when secured against one of the pins below it's designed to keep the window firmly in place. When the window is closed the arm sits horizontally across both of the pins below.

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Step 1 - make sure to match the window stay you buy with the colour and style of your existing window furniture. While they are most commonly available in a brass or chrome finish, larger or specialist retailers can also provide you with a range of other colours and styles. Mighton Products currently offer a wide range of stays and other windows furniture.

Step 2 - if you're replacing an older window stay, you should start by first removing this and then filling in the holes left by the fixing with a wood filler. When the filler is dry, continue to sand and repaint or varnish the area. If you are painting, remember you will need to use a primer coat first. This will ensure better adhesion to the surface as well improve the paint's durability in the future.

Step 3 - with the casement window firmly closed, position the pins of the stay on the bottom of the frame. Remember that the closer you fix the bracket to the opening edge of the window, the more leverage you'll have when it comes to opening and closing it.

Step 4 - once you've decided on its posiiton, fit the stay onto the pins. Set the correct height necessary and mark the position of the state's fixing holes on to the window frame. Drill pilot holes and screw the stay into the window frame.

Step 5 - close the window and check that it is tight against the frame. You want to position the pins underneath the stay so that they line up with the holes at each end. Mark the position of the of the fixing holes for both pins and continue to drill the pilot holes into the frame.

Step 6 - screw the pins into the frame and check to see that the stay fits over the pins and the window is able to close firmly. If your stay comes with a locking nut for added security, position this over the pins and use the key your manufacturer supplied.

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