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Top 10 Window Scenes in Films

Windows are hardly the main focus of any Hollywood blockbuster, but there are still some pretty iconic scenes that happen through a window. Whether it's love, tragedy or something less mundane, here are the top ten:

Take a look at the scenes below

1.Identity (2003) Car Scene Before John C. McGinley's satirical doctor stardom really took flight in Scrubs he featured in this film about strangers in a Nevada motel. This scene remains as one of the more mildly shocking scenes of the last ten years.

2.Romeo & Juliet (1996) Romeo Meets Juliet This isn't a window, it's technically a fish tank, but it's still glass so that's good enough for me. Also, we save being accused of philistinism by throwing the 'Speare in the list. This famous 'window' scene shows the first time the two star-cross'd lovers meet.

3.Thir13en Ghosts (2001) Window Death We couldn't find the video clip of this one, but it has to be on the list regardless. The scene where he pokes his head out the window, only to be decapitated by it closing is memorable for any child of the late 80s.

4.Phonebooth (2002) all of it Not so much a scene, but this whole film is focused around- or through- windows. We can draw a fairly easy metaphor between the windows and seeing through into people's (Mr. Farrell's) life, but we're here to watch Youtube videos so that's not needed. Look at all those windows.

5.Secret Window (2004) all of it This was nearly missed from the list, which would have not only left the list inaccurate, but also Johnny Deppless, thank goodness we didn't forget. Secret Window is an adaption of a Stephen King novel and a bit weird, obviously. The window bit is the name of Depp's published manuscript. Someone else isn't happy about it. Very good go watch.

6.Salem's Lot (1979) - Window scene Don't open the window, Mark! Ah, jesus, good job on the cross, Mark. This is another adaption from the king, and the first search result for 'window scene' there is. Despite old films lacking the editing speed to actually be scary anymore, this one stays on the list.

7.The Karate Kid (1984) Car window scene Mr. Miyagi shows off his capability and wit in the car fight scene, in which a bully hurts his hands and then faces the idea of death at the hands of a karate badass. Luckily, Miyagi is as merciful as he is a cheeky martial arts master.

8.Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (1999) Gungan City These are windows from the future. They hold massive amounts of water out of their space-opera city and you can even swim through them. Top stuff.

9.Six Shooter (2004) Shootout This whole short film is available on Youtube. It's the short that inspired the cult black comedy In Bruges, and there's a climactic end scene that happens through a train window. Watch watch watch.

10.Up (2009) Russell's window scene We've had nothing animated yet so this one had to get in. Nothing particularly special here, but there's something heat warming about a tubby kid sliding across a pane.

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