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How to Weatherproof your Outdoor Space

British weather can be unpredictable so if you want to enjoy summer parties on your patio, here is a step by step guide to weatherproofing your outdoor space.

Preparing for the British Weather

Invest in Weatherproof Garden Furniture
Having to lug your garden chairs and tables inside should the heavens open can be a hassle, but there is another option. Invest in garden furniture that can withstand the elements and you can leave it outside all year round. The best part about this type of furniture is that you don't have to sand it down and re-stain it after every downpour. It is generally more expensive than standard garden furniture but if you have a social outdoor space it is worth every penny.

Waterproof Coverings
If your budget won't stretch to a new set of weatherproof garden furniture, waterproof coverings are an affordable option. With high quality waterproof coverings, you can protect everything in your garden from chairs and tables to the BBQ.

Use Water Resistant Solar Lights
If you want the party to carry on once the sun goes down, garden lighting is essential. However, heavy downpours can damage traditional lighting if you leave it out in the rain. Solar lighting can provide you with a superior outdoor lighting solution that will light up your garden come rain or shine. These lights are the ultimate stress free way to set the mood, simply place them around the garden and let them charge up all day.

Lay Decking
Muddy puddles caused by heavy rainfall can put a dampener on your garden party. If you want to avoid this, decking can provide the perfect solution. Easy to lay garden decking is simple to put down and is a stress free flooring solution as it can be put away at speed should you fancy a change. Even if your decking gets wet, puddles will not form and it provides an even walkway for your guests.

Seek Shelter under an Awning
A waterproof awning is a British summertime saviour. A superb addition to any outdoor space, you can find the perfect design to complement your home. Whether you want a basic awning or a completely retractable roof system, there is a solution to meet budgets of all sizes.

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