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Wall Mounting Your Television

As modern flat screen TVs are multipurpose, the need for large entertainment stands becomes less apparent. Mounting yours on the wall is now considered to be an effective way of increasing space and maintaining an unobstructed viewing experience.

Hanging a TV on a wall

When self-installing a TV wall mount, it is generally easier to attach to an interior wall. It’s not advisable to use a partitioning wall, especially if you have chosen a 50 inch LCD TV as this could bring the wall down as it wouldn’t be able to support the weight of the TV over time.

You will first need to decide where on the wall the TV will go. It needs to be easy to see and on an angle that is comfortable for viewing over long periods of time and avoids neck strain. Also be aware of glare from nearby windows or artificial lighting. If it is an LCD TV you must also ensure it is VESO compatible. You can do this by checking the mounting hole spacing on the back of the TV.

You will need to purchase a wall bracket to hold the TV to the wall. Most brackets include an instruction guide and the required fixings as they are intended for self-installation. The bracket comes in two corresponding pieces. One is attached to the wall and the other to the TV. When this procedure is completed, you will need to route the power and the A/V cables to your TV. This can be done in two ways. They could be routed inside the wall. This involves drilling a hole, threading the cables through but this also could be considerably tricky and may require skilled work form a professional.

Alternatively, they can be run on the outside of the wall. This method is less satisfactory than in-wall cabling due to the visibility of the wires but can be improved using wire ties or cable moulding, which are widely available from DIY stores.

Wall mounting your TV is an ideal way of showing off a new screen and teamed with surround sound, can create the ultimate home-cinema system for movie and TV fans.

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