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Creating a Stylish Victorian Look in Your Bathroom

Whether you are thinking of renovating your Victorian property with a view to sell or creating a unique Victorian look in your bathroom for your own enjoyment, a project like this can be hugely rewarding.

The UK is full of properties dating from the Victorian age with bathrooms that could benefit from such a renovation. After all, a Victorian style can be made hugely personal and unique. Even if you don’t live in a Victorian property there are still elements to the décor and bathroom furniture you can add to give it that classic look. Here are some of the key features to add to create a Victorian bathroom style.

Key features to create a Victorian bathroom style

Wooden Wall Panelling
A Victorian bathroom oozes of luxury and comfort and an important element in creating this feel is adding wood panelling to the walls. Traditionally these panels used to be a deep mahogany teamed with dark patterned wallpaper. This could sometimes create a very dark bathroom but you don’t need to follow the same pattern. Painted wood panels and patterned wallpaper in more subtle and natural tones can certainly do the trick and also contribute to making the bathroom feel larger and more airy.

Lighting is important in a Victorian bathroom. In order to recreate the natural light that the Victorians relied on, try to go for the more subtle lighting options; a dimmer device could be the ideal solutions here. Also, consider which light bulbs to use to avoid a light which seems too harsh and artificial to complement the rest of the room. If possible, allow more daylight to enter the room, but if that isn’t possible there are many faux traditional lighting fixtures that can help you recreate the subtle and romantic lighting of the Victorian age.

High Level Cistern
Probably one of the most iconic Victorian bathroom features is the high level cistern toilet. In the Victorian age the cistern had to be placed higher up on the wall to allow gravity to assist with the flush, which was controlled by a pull-chain. This style of toilets is still produced to this day and can complete your Victorian look in a heartbeat. If you are reluctant to have a high level cistern toilet installed, don’t worry. As long as the toilet isn’t too sharp-edged and “modern” in style you can probably get away with it.

The Bath
A clawfoot freestanding bath made of copper or cast iron is another classic Victorian feature and is a must-have in all Victorian bathrooms. If you simply don’t have room for a freestanding bath, or if replacing your bath is going to blow your budget, why not strip the skirting off your existing bath and install claw feet on it to get the look?

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