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5 Cheap Ways of Updating the Electricals in Your Home

Everyone goes through periods of finding their home needs a makeover from the old and tired layout that has occupied it for years, but the thought of money puts many people off from doing anything about it. A drastic change isn't needed to spice up your home though, with small electrical changes that can have a big impact available.

Electrical upgrades to spice up your home

Cove Lights
Part of the architecture lighting family, the installation of these small lights can add an elegance to any room. Cove lights take advantage of the nicely painted walls and bounce the colours across the room to create a warm, homely feeling that everyone wants to come home to during the winter months. Available from a range of shops and in various sizes, this will cost from £10-£30.

Dimmer Switches
It may sound rather basic, but dimmer switches can add an extra touch to the mood of any room. Coming in the format of either a slide lever or rotary knob, they are both easy to use. Available for under £10 if you look in the right places, these are a great way to set the mood for any situation.

Energy Efficient light Bulbs
If you haven't got any energy efficient light bulbs in your home already, then it is a must buy during the next time you're doing home improvements. Not essentially a major improvement to the set up of the room you're redecorating, but the longevity of the bulb's lifespan and the money saved from the bulb using a lower wattage makes them a great addition.

Free Standing Lamps
As noted previously with cove lights, adding different lighting can transform a room. The constraints of where to place fixed lights can be an issue and disrupt the current layout of the room, however the use of free standing lamps allows you to light up different areas of the room of your personal choice. With the vast range of lamps available from any given shop, the addition of a free standing lamp is a cheap option that can add a new design to your living room and added vibrant lighting to dark areas.

Socket Cover Plates
After time, the cover plates around the house can become batted and bruised drawing the attention of unimpressed guests. A simple update of these will create a cleaner and fresher look, and with unbreakable cover plates available in different designs and colours to match the room from shops for under £5.

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