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Essential Tradesman Checklist

Being a tradesman, you will know that there are certain things that are essential to your trade, which will form the backbone of your business and livelihood. This article whittles the checklist down to two essential items – your vehicle and your insurance.

No tradesman can feasibly operate without these two things. If for some reason you think that you can run your business without them, you're probably pursuing the wrong career. Read through this article to find out why it is imperative that you are equipped with these two things as a tradesman.

Necessities for a Tradesman

Every tradesman needs a vehicle

There are many different kinds of tradesmen – you could be anything from an aeronautical engineer to a motor mechanic. Whichever kind you are, it's absolutely essential that you have a truck at your disposal. Small pickup trucks or vans are ideal. There are a number of reasons why you will require a vehicle for your business.

There's simply no other way of hauling all of your tools and gear around for your jobs without having a vehicle spacious enough to fit all of it in. You need a large vehicle that is fuel-efficient and is also relatively cheap to run.

The Steed 2.0 S pick-up is a great example of the kind of vehicle that you should be investing in. Sold for an extremely competitive price, it has a diesel engine, which means that it will be economical to drive. Reliability is the name of the game with the Steed S - it was built for hard work.

Every tradesman needs insurance

There is a range of different types of insurance available to tradesmen. Generally speaking, it is vital that all tradesmen have public liability insurance to cover them. This type of insurance will cover you against claims made by members of the public who say they have been injured or have had their property damaged because of the work that your business was carrying out for them.

It's not a legal requirement to be covered by public liability insurance, but you'll have a hard time getting hired for jobs if you're not insured. As a tradesman, you can also get tool insurance, which covers your tools against damage and loss.

Different insurance providers will have different requirements and specifications, but in general, you can expect your tools to be protected against theft, fire or water damage, including damage resulting from an accident in your vehicle.

Tradesman insurance, on the other hand, usually refers to a 'package' of insurance deals that cover you against various risks and hazards that you may face while doing your job. Each package is different, and it's up to you to choose the one that's correct for you.

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