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Finding the best home insurance

When it comes to finding the best home insurance for students it is important to find an insurance company that understands students’ needs with tailored policies for students. Endsleigh is one such insurance company with a great number of years’ experience in dealing with students.

Endsleigh student home insurance guide

Endsleigh understands that students can live in a number of different types of accommodation from halls including individual rooms to flats as well as shared accommodation and provides policies to cover all types of student living arrangements. With their house sharing policy Endsleigh allows all students under the same roof to insure their contents together under one  home contents insurance policy but allowing each housemate to have their own contents cover up to £3,000 worth as well as the option to extend their cover to include items such as laptops, bikes and mobile phones.

Endsleigh also understand that student accommodation whether it be a shared house or university accommodation can be busy places where there are a number of people always around. This can lead to opportunistic theft where a thief will wander in taking advantage of an unlocked door or an open window while a student is in a communal area. Endsleigh offers insurance to cover such situations as this as long as the students take reasonable care when leaving their room or shared house and securing all external doors and accessible ground windows.

Endsleigh also understand that student life isn’t just about studying; they offer such aspects of insurance as musical instrument cover, bicycle cover up to £400 and sports injury and equipment cover on top of their standard student contents insurance policies.

Endsleigh offer student home insurance policies which include as standard new for old replacements and the option to pay monthly when students take out an insurance bundle while charging them no extra for this.

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