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Everything you ever needed to know about showers

Whether you like to have cold ones or hot ones, taking a shower should be part of your daily routine, especially if your day involves having to interact with other people. Because of the fast-paced, always-in-a-hurry-world that we live in today, a good shower is essential.

Having a great shower might even encourage you to have more than one shower every day, but be careful not to shower too much! But which type of shower should you buy? This article will tell you everything you ever needed to know about showers.

Things to consider when choosing a shower

There are several things to consider in choosing a shower for your bathroom. You need to consider the type of boiler you have in your home and the amount of water pressure that you have. You can ask a plumber about these if you are not sure of the answers. You should also consider the number of people who are going to use your water supply at the same time as well as the type of shower head that you want.

There are basically four major types of showers to choose from and they are as follows:

Electric showers
The principle behind an electric shower is that it heats the water as you take a shower. If you already have a steady supply of cold water, installing an electric shower will enable you to choose between a hot or cold shower while using electricity only if you choose to shower with hot water. The advantage of electric showers is that you only consume electricity during times when you take hot showers. This means that you do not have to pay for heating water that you will not use.

When choosing an electric shower, you should choose one that has a built in thermostat since it will control how the temperature of the water within 1 to 2 degrees of your desired temperature. Electric showers without a thermostat will tend to heat the water continuously until the water gets too hot that it can cause burns to your skin.

Power showers
If your water supply is not flowing as powerfully as you want it to be, then you might have low water pressure. If the pipes are to blame for the low pressure, then reinstalling new pipes might become a very expensive endeavour. One way to have a good shower is to choose to install power showers. Power showers have built-in pumps which strengthens your water flow while still having control over the water's temperature. Great power showers are ideal for homes that have gravity-fed or low-pressure water systems because they can instantly enhance the flow of water to give you the shower that you deserve. Take a look at some of the best power showers from Mira.

Shower head

Mixer showers
Mixer showers are similar to power showers because they produce a stronger flow of water than that of electric showers. Mixer showers combine cold and hot water supplies so that you can fully control the temperature of your water. Mixer showers will need a combi-boiler or an immersion heater because they will need a ready supply of heated water. Mixer showers are much more expensive in the long run because you are using energy just to have a ready supply of hot water in your home.

Digital showers
The latest innovation in shower technology is digital showers. Digital showers come with a processor box that is responsible for accurately mixing hot and cold water to reach the desired water temperature. The processor also controls pressure so you can choose if you want a strong or a weak flow. Digital showers usually have an LCD touch screen that serves as the control panel. The more advanced digital showers have pre-set options where you can store the different temperature settings that you want, so that you do not have to fiddle with the temperature controls every time you take a shower. Depending on the quality, functionality and design, digital showers can range from £250 to £2,000 pounds.

Shower head

Type of shower heads
The next thing to consider in choosing a shower is the type of shower head that you are going to install with your shower system. Fixed shower heads are the most common and the least expensive type. Rain shower heads will simulate rain since the water will flow directly downward. Massage sprayers and body sprayers are shower heads that target the body instead of the head and can have multiple settings to give you a different shower experience every time.

Choosing the right type of shower and shower head for your bathroom will ensure that you will have an invigorating shower every day.

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