How to do DIY

Shed S.O.S.

If you're serious about DIY then keeping your tools and equipment safe and in good working order is one of the most important things that you can do, and a large element of this is having the correct place to store them.

Most people use a shed or a garage, but these spaces can be messy, dirty and unorganised and can cause breakages or harm to your possessions. No matter how much of a mammoth task it might seem, giving your shed a spring clean is a useful way to start your next big project.

Spring cleaning your sheds or outbuildings

Try and time it so you have a nice day to do it on and it will be an enjoyable, cathartic experience. Move everything out of the area (this can be tricky but if you lay down dust sheets or covers it will be a lot easier) and give the whole building a clean. It doesn't have to be spotless but getting rid of dust, grit and cobwebs will make sure that your tools and equipment stay healthier for longer and ensure that they give you the best performance. If, whilst you're cleaning, you decide that the building isn't sound or is damp and unstable, then you could always consider reinforcing it or having something new built.

If you find that it is holding up fine, then this clean will just make you feel more confident and organised. Moving everything out will be a good way of sorting through and de-cluttering too, as it's not just tools that are kept in here. If there are bits of rotten wood or crumbling rolls of wallpaper – throw them away. Check the dates on the tins of paint and get rid of anything that is past its best. This way, you will know that everything in this space is useable, and the extra room you create may give you the excuse to buy that new tool that you have been after.

Creating zones within this area will also be useful. Have a section for garden equipment, a different section for cars and bikes and another section for your household tools and anything else you store in here. If you know where you're looking then you will find things a lot more easily and this means you can get started quicker and not waste time. Keeping the things you use most often near the front of each of these sections will also prove useful.

Giving your shed or garage a quick spruce up will give your DIY equipment a new lease of life, meaning that you can have more fun on your projects. It won't take long and it is well worth doing.

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