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Top 3 ways to de-clutter your house

Trying to free up space in the home? With the right de-clutter techniques, you can do just that. Not only can you free up space for new items you are buying, but you can also open up and clean any space, which has dated items, or simply needs an update. These are three simple ways to get rid of items, and free up some space you need for new items you are buying.

De-clutter your home to create more space

Self storage
A storage facility is one option. You can place items you don't want to throw away in storage, and keep them for later use. Further, there are self storage facilities of varying sizes, allowing you to find low priced ways of storing items away for a period of time. Whether it is one item, or an entire room you need to store away, you can do so via the use of a self storage facility. Check out Storageseeker for a complete directory of UK storage facilities including pricing and unit size details.

Give items away
There are many charitable organizations which are more than willing to take items off your hands. If you have old clothing or shoes you no longer use, furniture, or other items you simply don't make use of, you can always donate them to charity. Not only is it a great way to free up space, you can help out those who otherwise can't afford certain items, and don't have the means to buy them. Further, if you are looking for another reason to donate, most organizations give you some kind of tax write off for the donations which you do make.

Box method
This is a great method to get rid of items you truly don't use, or didn't even know you owned. For every room in your home, get four boxes and label them: Keep, Throw out, Give away, or Relocate. From there, start placing items in each box. If you can't find a room to relocate it to, you obviously don't need it.

If an item isn't important enough to make its way into the keep box, it is likely you don't use it, or didn't even know you owned it. Either way, this is a method which allows you to see what is truly important to you, what you can get rid of, and the items you really don't want or need.

These three simple methods not only allow you to get rid of items you don't want or need, but also make your home cleaner, clutter free, and a space you only have items you truly want or need in it.

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