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Get DIY-ing This Christmas And Save Yourself A Load Of Money

If you have taken a bit of time off over the Christmas holidays or are pottering around the house thinking of all of the things that need to be repaired, replaced or just updated but are worried about the cost, you're not the only one.

Many people feel that any bits and bobs that need to be done around the house should be completed before the start of the New Year, however they are often worried about the cost of hiring a professional or a handyman to get everything sorted.

Some ideas to help save some money

There is however a way to get around the costly expenses, but it does require a bit of hard work from yourself. Get that DIY thinking cap on and follow these tips and tricks to get your home in tip top condition!

Putting Up Shelves
f you are sick of the pile of books, steadily getting bigger by the side of your bed, or the photo frames that you have been wanting to display but don't have anywhere to place them, then it's time you rethought your storage solutions. Shelves are a great way to store items without actually storing them away. It just keeps everything off the floor, or surfaces they shouldn't be on, and allows for a neater finish.

Putting up a shelf needn't be difficult; enlisting the help of a friend can make the job a little easier. Make sure you measure and mark your wall before you start drilling, and don't forget to utilise your spirit level every step of the way to make sure everything's straight.

Fixing Your Leaky Tap
If you are sick of the 'drip, drip, drip' of your leaky tap then, there's no time like the present to fix it. Not only will it look more aesthetically pleasing and get rid of the annoying sound, but it can also save you a large amount of money regarding your water bills.

You first need to ensure you have got the right plumbing equipment, most of which can be picked up from a local and trustworthy plumber's merchant. Before you carry out any work on your taps or any other plumbing related jobs, make sure you turn your water supply off first.

Replacing Sealant Around Your Bath
If you have noticed that the sealant around your bath or shower is starting to look a bit worse for wear, or are worried about the water leaking out, then it may be time to replace it. Once you have removed all of the old sealant you should ensure that the area is thoroughly dry to create the best results.

Cut the nozzle at about a 30 degree angle for easy application and make sure you keep a bowl of water close by and a tissue or a cloth to wipe down any accidents. You should use the bowl of water to dip your finger in when smoothing the silicone; you should make sure you don't use saliva as this can cause mould to grow around it much more easily.

By carrying out these few odd jobs out around the house yourself, you could save yourself plenty of money, as well as getting the satisfaction of completing the work yourself all in time for the New Year.

This post was written by Ekta Mair for Mirage Heating & Plumbing who specialise in supplying quality plumbing and heating products at affordable prices.

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