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DIY Hints and Tips on How to Save Money in your Home

At a time when many people are looking for ways to tighten their belts, saving money in your home is a hot topic. There are many things you can do to help save money, either by changing the way you do things or by making investments now that will save you cash in the long run. Read on for some top DIY hints and tips on how to save money in your home.

Save money in the home by reading our hints and tips

Be wise about the changes you make
One way to save money is to think carefully if you are planning to make changes to your house. For instance, while it might seem like a really good idea to splash out on an expensive new kitchen to boost the value of your property, you need to know that you’d be getting a good return on your investment before you took the plunge. After all, if the average house prices in your area are around £180,000, spending £25,000 on a kitchen might not be the best use of money.

Kitchens and bathrooms are two areas you should definitely think carefully about when looking to save money as they often form the core of major home improvement projects.

Make your home more energy efficient
Doing things to make your home more energy efficient is also a good way of saving money, and most of the investments you make now will pay for themselves within two years. For example, switching to energy saving light bulbs, insulating your loft and draught-proofing the floors can all make a big difference.

Think about the quality of purchases
Another tip is to think about the quality of the purchases you make for your home. Buying good quality bathroom furniture, for instance, means that your purchases should last much longer and so will work out to be better value in the long run. This means it’s worth spending a bit more now on things such as new bathroom suites and furniture for other rooms when you’re redecorating, as they should pay for themselves over time.

Think about your energy use
Changing how you use energy also makes a difference when it comes to saving money in the home. As well as using energy saving light bulbs, many people can make a real difference to their energy bills simply by being more conscious about making sure to switch things off when they aren’t using them.

Turning off lights and appliances is definitely important, especially as a TV on standby can use up to 85% of the same electricity it uses when it’s switched on. Turning down your thermostat by a couple of degrees can also save you money without reducing the temperature of your house too much.

Know when to call in the professionals
Finally, rather than calling in the professionals as soon as something goes wrong, there are many DIY jobs you can probably do yourself. Of course, if you are unsure of something or if you need to do something with the gas, electric or plumbing, you should always call the relevant tradesperson. However, you may well be able to save money on many simple jobs by carrying them out yourself – or asking a willing friend to help.

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