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Bringing your sash windows up-to-date

Traditional timber sash windows are unbeatable – they are a key feature of period homes and a mark of quality and style. However, they can be outdated in terms of their efficiency in comparison to more modern windows; if you don't want to compromise on style but you have concerns about how they may be impacting your bills, look into sash window refurbishment and the ways you can maintain the condition of your windows and improve effectiveness.

How to adapt your original sash windows

Draft sealing
The average sash window has gaps equivalent to six square inches. That's a lot of space for dirt, draughts and noise to make their way into your home, as well as allowing heaps of warm air to escape. This has negative effects on your daily comfort and pushes up your utility costs - and you may find you have to put up with associated consequences like rattling and excess dust. Draft sealing services can put an end to these problems. It costs far less than replacing your windows entirely and you can retain the character that sash windows offer your property.

Double Glazing
Original sash windows are single glazed with ultimately leads to the same problems that come with excess gaps due to the lack of sufficient layers of glass. Double glazing offers the chance to leave your sash windows seemingly unchanged and original, but with an invisible protection against drafts and noise.

Modernising sash window style
There's no doubt that sash windows are elegant and due to their origins in period buildings, evoke a traditional feel even from inside the house where your personal style in decor may differ from the exterior of the property. A way to enhance a contemporary look within your home is to keep sash windows clear of heavy curtains, which is commonly paired with old-fashioned windows. Replace brass features with chrome or brushed steel-finished locks and handles - as brass instantly feels traditional and is likely to be the metal used originally.

No matter your concern, whether it's style-based or finance-focused, there's no need to seriously consider replacing your sash windows. Instead, opt to maintain and adapt them to meet the requirements of your lifestyle and the modern world.

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