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The Ronseal Story

We've all heard of Ronseal, as they are arguably one of the biggest DIY brands in the UK. Their famous slogan 'Does exactly what it says on the tin' is famous and has been mentioned in pop songs and even in a political speech by David Cameron. With a company so big it is often easy to assume they have always been successful.

Ronseal's history

Ronseal has recently produced a Digital Timeline which gives a fascinating look at the history of their company and also focusses on the experience of employees such as Trevor Pierrepont, their longest serving employee, having worked there for 47 years, which gives a unique behind the scenes view of this firm.

Trevor started working for Ronseal in 1967, a few years after the company's move from Brighton to Sheffield. The fact that every day is unique is why he loves to work for Ronseal.

The Timeline also shows that surprisingly, the slogan for which Ronseal have become famous for "does exactly what is says on the tin" only was created in 1994. Although the fact that it is now synonymous with the company and has made an impact into culture, even receiving an award for being the third most quoted advertising slogan in 2011, shows how the strength of a good slogan can really benefit a DIY company.

Ronseal's long history, numerous changes and ultimate success appears to have stemmed from clever marketing, high quality products and passionate employees. With the new let's be honest campaign this year, the future looks bright for them to continue. Find more information on their story at Ronseal's Digital Timeline.

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