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How To Re-Invent Your Furniture

Many people would love to have the perfect home with the most amazing furniture, decorations and accessories but the truth is not everyone can afford to do up their home to the highest standard and this is where your imagination has to come in.

At the moment it is very 'in' to re-invent your own furniture items and it doesn't matter if you aren't artistic or talented with tools as shabby chic is still very much an 'in' trend which means the distressed and effortless look is still in.

Where to find the items

There are so many ways to cut back on the costs of expensive and over-priced furniture and this can be done by re-inventing already existing items of furniture from the home or by checking out car boot sales and second hand shops so see if there is a cheap items that can easily be brought back to life.

Examples of furniture that are especially easy to re-invent are wooden items as they can be easily spruced up with some sanding and painting which costs barely any money for a little pot of paint.

If you are stuck for inspiration on what to buy for your home then look at Pinterest, blogs, online magazines, friends' homes, and various other places for some

For example if you find a table that looks like it's ready to be thrown in the skip then try sanding it down, giving it a lick of paint and sanding it a bit more to really bring it back to life but in a more rustic/French chic sort of way.

One online blogger transformed an ordinary dining table into a super chic and stylish design for a fraction of the cost:




Bar Stools

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If your home is filled with the much needed tools to get your re-invention of old furnishings on the go check out your local diy store as they provide a huge selection of sanding materials which are very much needed throughout the whole process of creating shabby chic furniture out of the most ruined items of furniture that you collection from second hand shops.

Another great use of sanding is if you don't like the work that you have done on the furniture items then you can use the sandpaper to go over the item of furniture you are making to give it more of a distressed look and it doesn't take a skilled artist or designer to use a piece of sand paper which is why it is an excellent way to style your own furniture.

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