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How to protect your oak furniture from heat stains

There's nothing quite worse than spending thousands of pounds on a piece of furniture, only to have it ruined by someone accidentally placing a tea or coffee mug on its surface.

Of course, if you realise your mistake within a few seconds you should be safe, but leave it a minute or two and you could find yourself with a coffee ring of doom!

All is not lost however, as there is a DIY method that can help save your furniture from a future of unsightly heat marks:

DIY methods to prevent damage to your furniture

1. Firstly, wipe down the surface of the table using a clean cloth that is ever so slightly dampened with a small amount of teak oil. Once applied, you must let the oil dry completely.

Teak oil is a natural liquid that can be found in teak trees and is used to restore wood. It is also available online for a relatively fair price.

2. Although this may sound a little silly, you must then rub a small amount of butter into the heat mark so that it is covered.

Leave the butter to stand on the table for no less than 12 hours. You can do this overnight for convenience if you wish. Once that the hours are up, simply wipe it away using kitchen roll.

3. What you need to do now is mix a small amount of ash with either olive oil or mayonnaise (high fat or low fat, it really doesn't matter), and gently spread the grey paste into the heat mark with the tip of your finger.

Again, you will need to leave the paste for 12 hours before continuing to the next step.

4. Lay a clean, white cloth over the stain and set your clothes iron on a medium heat. Once that it has reached the correct temperature, gently move it over the cloth in a circular motion, as if you were ironing the towel.

Continue this motion until the stain is completely removed.

5. Once you have let the wood cool, apply wood polish over both the area where the stain was, and over the rest of the table.

At this point it is important to remember that harsh cleaning will damage the finish of the wood, so rub the polish in using only a soft cloth.

Once that you have done this, you should be all set, but please bear in mind that this technique only works on wood that is mildly affected from heat burns. If your furniture has serious burns, seek the advice of a carpenter or even the manufacturer for advice.

If you are looking for information about furniture that has been stained by sunlight, take a look at this great article by Oak Furniture UK, to see how you can best protect your furniture.

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