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How to Turn your Garden Building into a Home Office

If you work from home but are struggling for space, why not turn your garden building into a functional home office? Moving your office outside away from your home has many advantages; for example it allows you to separate business from pleasure which can increase your productivity. With this in mind, here is a step by step guide to creating a great office space in your garden.

Outside office

Invest in a Suitable Garden Building
The first step is to find out whether your current garden shed is going to cut it. You will require enough room to fit a desk and an office chair as well as making sure you have room for all of the technology you require. Printers, computers, telephones and filing cabinets can take up a substantial amount of room and a cramped working environment can have a negative effect on your output. If your garden shed is too small, it is a wise idea to invest in a bigger, more luxurious model and once it is installed the transformation process can begin.

Customise your Shed
Your garden shed will start off as a blank canvas that you can tailor to meet your specific needs. Therefore, once your shed is positioned in the garden it is time to put your own stamp on it. This will of course depend on your budget but the bare essentials include a carpet, a heating system, electricity and a Wifi connection. Once you have the basics covered it is time to consider making your working environment more appealing by putting in a window. You can do this yourself but if your garden building already has one, this is even better.

Add Furniture
Once you have taken care of all of the technical aspects it's time to create a functional space by adding office furniture. A comfy chair is a must have and this is one area not to scrimp and save. A high quality chair can prevent bad posture and keep you comfortable all day long.

Secure Your Shed
Once you have created a cosy working environment, it is time to turn your attention to security issues. Unlike an average garden shed, a simple padlock is not going to give you peace of mind. In order to protect your expensive technology and any sensitive data it is wise to invest in a door alarm that will alert you should anyone try to break in.

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