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Modern Modular Buildings: Say Goodbye to Too Hot, Too Cold and Bad Mould

It is perhaps understandable that some people may still have a tainted view of portable buildings when you consider some of the classrooms that may have been your learning environment in childhood.

When you look at modern modular buildings today, you quickly see that any negative view would surely now be as outdated as the buildings that led them to that view in the first place. Large variances in temperature and even mould were seemingly part of the old portable building experience, but that is now firmly in the past.

Benefits of Modular Buildings

The future of building
There is strong evidence to suggest that modular construction is clearly having its own renaissance at this point in time and building projects for houses and apartments as well as offices and hospitals, are now regularly featuring modular buildings as a viable alternative to traditional construction.

This is very much an age of automation and technology and temporary buildings now have very little differences between them and permanent modular construction's, with quality, flexibility and a reliable, comfortable indoor environment all firmly on the agenda.

Modern modular buildings do not suffer like their predecessors from being too hot or too cold and mould is hardly likely to be an issue either, as high-tech design and construction methods allow you to create a building that is most definitely fit for purpose.

Several advantages
Modular construction offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional construction methods.

The manufacturing process for these modular buildings is a key issue as it offers the opportunity to get a building delivered within a quick timeframe compared to traditional construction methods and there is often a cost advantage as well as a reduction in site waste and labour costs as well.

Modular construction helps to significantly eliminate site traffic and waste as the building is pre-constructed in a factory environment and delivered ready to be put into place in a fast time. The process is not that dissimilar from the building blocks that many of us are familiar with from our childhood and constructing a multi-level structure is now almost as simple as creating a building using toy building blocks.

Delivered on time
The modular construction process allows you the opportunity to carry out any foundation work on the site whilst the building is being constructed and overall, it is estimated that modular building projects can be completed up to 50% faster than traditional construction.

There are many aspects of traditional construction that can lead to delays and setbacks along the way, but modular construction often offers a much more seamless experience.

Electrical and plumbing work are often easier to complete as all these components simply click together and into place, having been engineered to fit beforehand during the manufacturing process and according to client instructions.

Less waste
All building projects have to give due consideration to waste and environmental concerns, which is another area where modular construction holds an advantage.

Controlled factory settings help to significantly reduce waste during manufacturing and also ensure waste on site is kept to a minimum as well. This outcome compares favourably to traditional construction methods which often generate a considerable amount of waste on site, despite efforts to keep it to a low level.

Modular construction is a modern building solution that bears no resemblance to the cold and even damp classrooms or buildings that were a feature of previous generations, so it is easy to see why it is enjoying such a growth in popularity.

Antony Hunt has worked hard to improve the quality of portable buildings as managing director of Smart Space. After three decades in the industry, he enjoys sharing what he has learned by posting online. Look for his articles on construction, business and environmental blogs.

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