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What is the best mobile phone for tradesmen

When working outside it's important to have a mobile phone that can withstand the ups and downs of everyday life, as well as the rough and tumble of work.

For a long time, popular phones associated with trade workers have been the JCB Tradesman TP121 and the Nokia 5140i. Both of these phones are popular for their durability and their resistance to a hectic lifestyle. Sites such as uSwitch offer comparisons so you can search for the best deal for you.

Finding the right phone for a Tradesman

The Nokia 5140i has been made to be tough - it's outside cover is made of material that is tougher than that of your usual phone and it's interchangeable feature means if it gets knocked and scratched it can be cheaply repaired. The phone is specially made to be durable against water with external and internal add-ons decreasing the chance of the phone being water damaged. Wildly renowned as virtually indestructible it's a fine phone for tradesmen.

Similarly to the Nokia, the JCB tradesman is a tough cookie. It has been designed specifically for, as it says in the name: tradesmen. It can float in water and when tested it survived two tonnes of rubble being dropped on top. This is the hulk of the phone world. It is designed to work in various terrains and temperatures in a military like fashion. It's said to be the phone you take out to work when you leave your smart phone at home.

Also popular in the tradesman market are Samsung with the Samsung Solid Gt-B2710. Like the other two phones it is waterproof lasting 30 minutes under a metre of water and it also boasts more mainstream features such as a camera and 3g.

Samsung however, are upping their game and launching a new phone rumoured to be waterproof, stylish and jam-packed with features – The Samsung Galaxy S3. Unlike the other two phones that are designed for practicality alone the S3 is a new breed of smart phone introducing durability alongside style. It is said to be the most anticipated phone of 2012 and it is strong enough to with withstand the tradesman lifestyle.

The phone brags an impressive spec including a HD screen and 8mpx camera. It is said to be only 7mm wide meaning it will fit in any type of uniform pocket. Unlike popular smart phones like the iPhone and Blackberries it is suitable for tradesmen.

Various companies will be battling to offer the best Samsung Galaxy S3 deals in order to overtake the popularity of the Nokia and JCB in the already saturated tradesman mobile phone market. It's set to take the field by storm. Changing the way strong trades phones are made for the future, the competition will be nervously seeing the reception they Samsung Galaxy S3 receives when it is launched in a few months.

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