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Lighting Choices For Rooms Within The Home

When it comes to picking out favourite colour schemes and the right type of accessories to put into a room, people usually have an idea of what they hope to achieve. One item that seems to get overlooked amongst the search for the perfect cushions and photo frames are lights. Without the right light fittings, your home would of course be very dull so it is important to pick the right type of design for each room in your house to create a certain kind of ambience.

Lighting is an easy way to create a certain mood within a room which is why it is important to choose carefully. Here are some lighting choices you may wish to opt for in certain rooms of your home:

Pick the right type of design for each room

Living room
The living room is the place most families spend time together, relaxing in front of the TV. Wall lights are a great choice for this type of room, then lighting is often behind you and not too bright in front of you when trying to relax. Installing a dimmer switch is a popular choice, this way you can choose the amount of light you want.

Some people love to cook and spend lots of time in this room, others prefer to eat out and ring up takeaway places to save time. Either way the kitchen should be well lit so you can read the back of microwave meal packages or the pages of recipe books properly. Spotlights are a great choice for this room; you can place it in the centre of the ceiling and then move each of the individual lights so that they are directed into certain places.

The bathroom is a place to relax in amongst sweet smelling bubbles, and a place to quickly wash your hair before dashing out of the house. Bathrooms are usually white creating a bright atmosphere anyway but people still choose bright lighting to give a spa like feeling within this room. Integrated spotlights in the ceiling are a popular choice so they don't take up any room but provide a great deal of light. Mirrors fitted with lights are a popular girly addition to a bathroom.

When sunny days and warm evenings arrive you want to make sure you have some sort of lighting fitted so you can make the most of good weather. Solar panel lights are a popular choice in the garden and a great way of not spending much money. People also choose security lights fitted high above back doors to scare away potential burglars.

Whichever room you are decorating, think about how you use the room and the way it makes you feel. This way you will be able to choose the right kind of lighting and you can find a number of fittings to suit the style you want.

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