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Creating the Perfect Lighting Concept for Your Home

Lighting your home can be a tricky concept, with so many different rooms to consider it can become overwhelming if you do not have a definite plan or action. The right lighting can give your home a safe, comfortable feel, allowing you to go about your daily tasks and enjoy your home to its full potential. Where daylight isn't available the right lighting design can fill a dark space with light and open up an otherwise dreary room.

If you are looking to give your home a fresh look or simply want to update your existing décor, here are our top tips for transforming the lighting in your home.

Making a welcoming impression

When someone steps into your home it is important that they receive a welcoming first impression. The foyer, or hallway, is your first chance to shine and a traditional chandelier or a modern pendant light will ensure that you have the right amount of light and also provide a fantastic talking point.

Make sure that you choose a light fitting that matches the size of the space, a large ornate chandelier may look fantastic in the store but you need to visualise whether or not it will have the same affect in a smaller space. Stairs should also be well lit, with switches at the top and bottom and fittings placed around every 10 feet to prevent any accidents.

The living area is one of the most important rooms in the home and the place that many families spend the majority of their time in. Getting lighting right in the living area is vital therefore it is important that you create a lighting concept unique to your taste and décor.

Utilising a variety of different lighting fixtures is a must to ensure that you highlight the key aspects of your room so opt for a mixture of wall lights, ceiling lights and lamps to create the best effect. Living room lighting features can also double up as decorative elements so experiment with different colours, bases and shades for a really bespoke look.

Kitchen lighting can really showcase your creative skills as you experiment with different ways to highlight the main areas in this often chaotic room! Kitchens take on many different roles, they are the place where families cook, eat and socialise therefore the lighting must reflect all aspects.

A strong central lighting fixture placed above a worktop is a great way to create general lighting whilst spotlights placed in different intervals can be used to add extra emphasis. Why not think outside of the box and add under cabinet lighting or even recessed lighting to your kitchen to get more out of your space?

Creating the perfect lighting concept for your home can be tricky, browse a selection of lighting fixtures and fittings to help make the right choice for your home.

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