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DIY- Laying Adhesive Floor Tiles

Though adhesive floor tiles can be laid easily, they need to be handled with precision lest there might be ugly gaps or breaches in between the tiles. There are wide varieties of vinyl adhesive floor tiles easily available in the market. They come in vibrant colors and designs in order to brighten any area of your home or office where they would be installed.

Preparing and laying adhesive floor tiles

Read ahead to know how adhesive tiles can be applied effectively and in a smooth manner -
Things Required

  • One measuring tape
  • A Pry bar
  • One wooden hammer
  • A sharp razor knife
  • One tile roller
  • One chalk box
  • Carpenter's square
  • Chalk box
  • Sandpaper
  • Calculator


  1. First of all take into account the measurement of the area that has to be tiled with a measuring tape. In order to find the square footage of the room, multiply the length and the breadth of the room. If the area is random or odd-shaped then divide it into rectangular areas.
  2. Now to determine the number of tiles required to in that area; divide the square footage of that area by the square foot measurement of one single tile. However, be cautious for buying one extra box of tiles in case some of the tiles get damaged in the process of installation.
  3. Before actually installing the adhesive tiles, be sure of the functionality of the floor. Make sure that it is without any holes or cracks.
  4. In case there are any major to minor deformities, then do fix them before installing adhesive tiles lest they would acquire the shape of underneath surface. Take a sand paper and smoothen the rough or uneven surface. Also, ensure that the floor is dry and dust-free.
  5. Before installation of adhesive tiles, allow them to get accustomed to the temperature of that area. This will allow them to stick well and with sustenance.
  6. Now, if the existing floor has some moldings on its surface, take them out with the help of a pry bar or a hammer. Remove them carefully so that they can be used again, if required.
  7. Before actually pasting the adhesive tiles, they have to be first dry-fitted. Locate the center of the area and dry fit the tiles there onwards, towards the corners. Do not remove their backings at this point of time.
  8. Once the dry-fitting has been done perfectly, start removing the backings of the tiles and press them firmly. Take one tile at one time. Use razor knife to fit them well into the corners.

Once all tiles are fitted, use a tile roller to roll down the entire floor.

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