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Step By Step - How To Lay Bathroom Floor Tiles

Step 1 – Collect Materials and Equipment
You need to work out how many tile’s you are going to need for your room, this is done quite simply once you have found the tile size you want and measured up your room. Remember to always buy a few extra tiles though just encase some accidently break.
All the equipment you need is readily available at most DIY stores and is easy to come by. You will need a Notched Towel, Tile Cutter, Grout Float, Utility Knife and Tile Spacers. You will also need floor tile adhesive and floor tile grout to secure the tiles once lay.

Preparing and laying bathroom floor tiles

Step 2 - Preparation
You need to prepare the floor which you are going to tile on to, depending on what floor you have this technique may vary. However make sure the floor is clean and free of any debris and solution as this can prevent the tile adhesive from setting. You also need to find the centre point of your room and mark this with a chalk line. This will help in positioning the tiles accurately and to ensure that the tiles fit into your room. Before laying the tiles with the adhesive, dry lay them to make sure you know where to lay them correctly.

Step 3 – Laying your Tiles
- Start at your midpoint, and pour enough adhesive to cover a square metre of floor. Making sure you can still see your chalk line to position the first tile. Using the notched trowel spread the adhesive evenly.
- Place the first key tile down gently; giving it a slight press down to make sure it is secure. Start laying the tiles outwards towards one of the walls, checking that they are level and using tile spacers to ensure they are evenly laid. Work in rows and section off parts of the room as you go.
- Remove excess adhesive from the tiles with a damp cloth and repeat this process until all the tiles are laid.
- Delay laying the edge wall tiles for 24 hours. With your trowel remove any extra adhesive that has managed to remain in the gaps.

Step 4 – Cutting the Tiles to Fit by the Wall
- Use an electric tile cutter if you are cutting an unusual shape into your tile (L-Shaped tile) and use a manual cutter for a straight cut.

Step 5 – Cutting and Laying Edge Tile
- Place a tile over the last full tile nearest the wall.
- Place another tile on top of this with the edge touching the wall.
- Using a tile marker, draw a long on the first tile. Now you have the right size tile to fit against your wall.
- Cut the tile using your choice of tile cutter, leaving a little space to allow for grout and adhesive
- To lay the tile apply your tile adhesive on the back of each separately cut tile.
- Lay the tile and make sure it is aligned with the rest of the tiles.

Step 6 – Grouting
- Mix the grout paste with water
- Use a grout float for glazed tiles, to spread the grout around evenly. For natural tiles a sealant will have to be used to prevent the tiles soaking in the grout before you can do this.
- Use a grout finisher to compact the grout in between the tiles to make it water resistant.
- Clean as you go to prevent grout from sticking to the tiles.

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