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Flooring – The Right Type For The Right Room

If you are looking to make some changes to your home, it is always best to start with the essentials. Before you get carried away and start heading for the home interior shops filled with comfy sofas and pretty candles, you need to sort out the floors and the walls first.

Everyone knows to put up tiles on the walls in areas such as the bathroom and parts of the kitchen, and wallpaper and paint as the popular options in other areas. However when it comes to flooring people can often opt for the wrong type to suit certain rooms. Here is some information of various flooring types, plus what to avoid and what works well:

Flooring types. What works well

Laminate flooring
This type of flooring is really easy to install and a popular choice among homeowners. It is cheaper to buy than solid wood flooring as it is created using man made materials. Laminate gives homeowners the look of real wood flooring at a fraction of the cost. It is also a great choice for areas with high traffic due to its durability, so it would be the perfect option within a kitchen, hallway or living room.

Solid wood flooring
Although laminate flooring is popular due to its cost and that it is hard wearing, lots of people still opt for proper solid wood flooring. It does cost considerably more due to it being a natural type of flooring. It gives off a stunning look and can also increase the value of your home. The down side is that it can easily become damaged so lower traffic areas are best to place it in such as bedrooms and dining areas. On the plus side if it does get damaged it is easy to fix.

Tile flooring
If you prefer something different to wood then you could opt for tiled flooring. This is a really strong and hard wearing flooring option, plus it is very easy to clean making it ideal to put down in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. The down side is that it can become very cold during the winter, but mats and rugs should help with this.

Finally carpet, probably one of the most popular choices throughout homes. It does start to wear and look old after time but it is soft and comfy underfoot proving desirable in rooms where you want to relax such as bedrooms and the living area. It is the softest material out of these choices, making it perfect for homes with young children.

Determine where you want to have a comfortable material underfoot, where high traffic areas are, and of course how you want the room to look then you can decide on the right kind of flooring for various rooms.

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