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How to choose a style to add value

Although the colour and style of most kitchens are largely down to personal taste, there are important issues which need to be considered when designing your perfect cooking area to make sure it doesn't affect any future plans you may have to sell the property.

Increasing the resale value of your home

If you are planning to move house in the next few years, or feel that such a move may be likely, it may be best to use conservative colours in your kitchen. This room is one of the major selling points for potential buyers and an outlandish design is likely to put them off. A modern, contemporary feel with pastel shades is most likely to be appreciated.

Some modern kitchen designs use bright colours on plastic/fibreglass units, which for a modern couple could be positive but would not be to everyone's taste. The same could also apply with old fashioned wooden units, this may not be desirable for a younger buyer. When making the decision you need to look at what kind of family or couple your home would suit best if you were planning to sell it at a later date.

The natural light in the room is also another important consideration and the tone you choose for the walls and units should be influenced by this. The same is true regarding the lighting, which should enhance the natural light not compete against it.

Units come in many different widths and you can use more than one in your kitchen design. The size of the units you use will be strongly related to the amount of storage you need but using the same width along each wall with one different-sized unit at the end to fill the space will look neater. A similar style of unit should also be employed along each wall.

Wall units should be kept away from gas hobs and cookers for reasons of safety. Do not install units anywhere near this type of cooker as it will be a significant fire hazard. When placing your wall units, try and keep the doors in tandem with those on the base units as it will look neater.

These tips are often not discussed but can make a vital difference to the functionality and style of your kitchen.

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