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How to choose the right flooring for your kitchen

One of the most important aspects of kitchen design is flooring as this can influence the whole look and feel of a room. As with kitchen work surfaces, there is a wide range of different materials from which to choose and these can significantly affect the ambience you create. This article will examine some of the most popular options on the market today.

Choosing the right flooring

Wooden flooring is a popular option as it adds a warmth and depth to the room. Evoking images of the kitchens found in seventeenth century farmhouses, the range of different colours and shades means wood allows you to generate a natural look to suit your tastes. Furthermore, it is one of the more environmentally friendly options. However, you need to ensure it is sealed as water can damage its structure, making it look tired and worn.

If you intend to use your kitchen regularly then tiles present the best option due to their high durability. Non-slip textured tiles are best for kitchens as these are less dangerous in places where spills are likely. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are better than slate, marble and limestone because the natural properties of the latter mean staining is possible. This can be reduced by sealing the tiles but ceramic and porcelain are less hassle and a fraction of the price.

Size is extremely important in floor design and you need to take into account the shape and dimensions of your kitchen. Get hold of an online kitchen planner to help with this process. Larger tiles and short wide planks create a greater sense of space and are better for smaller rooms. Wide planks and dark woods are currently in fashion.

Laminate, rubber and vinyl are all other options open to you as these materials are all extremely water resistant. Using textured formats is advisable to reduce the chance of slipping, whilst the range of colours in these synthetic materials is greater than that for natural stone and wood.They are also cheap, with a good quality laminate generating the same effect as wood or stone for a fraction of the price. With all three though, the more you pay the greater the quality of product.

The range of flooring options can seem baffling but ultimately, you need to choose the option which works best for you. Think of the overall look you are trying to attain before making your choice.
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