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Simple Steps to Create the Perfect Kitchen

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where we spend a lot of our time. When it comes to transforming your kitchen it’s therefore essential to ensure you’ve got it right before your design is set in stone.

Whether youíre looking for affordable luxury kitchens or bespoke units and appliances, follow these simple steps to make your kitchen design the best it can be.

Let the experts design your perfect kitchen

Planning your design
Take time to look at your existing kitchen space and decide the best place for your fitted units. You donít necessarily have to keep your current configuration, so try experimenting by making a plan of the space and how you can arrange units within it.

Itís a good idea to visit a kitchen specialist who can draw up a more detailed plan of the space you have and give you an accurate picture of how different designs and configurations will work. Creating a computerised plan is a quick and easy way to view lots of different options for your kitchen and even allows you to experiment with colours and finishes on your units and flooring.

Choosing your finishes
Most interior designers recommend you see and touch the materials you plan to use in your kitchen before buying them, so get samples wherever possible. This applies to flooring and furnishings as well as wall colours; if youíre planning on using bright colours then painting a small patch of wall with a tester pot is always recommended as the colour may look slightly different when on the wall.

By checking your finishes before making your decision youíll also be able to get a much clearer idea of how theyíll work. You can also check whether your units, work surfaces and flooring complement each other.

Special touches
Creating the perfect kitchen isnít just about the layout and wall colour Ė the finishing touches are just as important. If youíre planning to buy units at the less expensive end of the scale then think of ways to dress them up with designer handles or invest in a more expensive work top, such as one made from granite, marble or polished concrete, to act as the focal point of the room.

Make sure that your design utilises plenty of light as this can help create different moods for different purposes. Keep things bright and cheerful for family dinners or create a subtle soft glow for a romantic meal with your other half by combining delicate spotlights with brighter LED tube lights.

Make sure thereís plenty of light available in your cooking and preparation areas by adding fittings beneath your kitchen units. These should be operated by separate switches for added convenience and, if integrated correctly, will be as stylish as they are practical.

Remember to match you accessories to your decor too but donít be scared to use them to inject a flash of colour. Neutrally themed kitchens can benefit from small bursts of vibrant colour; blinds or curtains and small accessories are the perfect way to do this.

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