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5 ways infrared heaters can get the job done

Most homes you visit will have an infrared heater these days. But have you ever wondered exactly why they have become so popular? What are the benefits?

Benefits of Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters save a lot more energy than their alternatives. There are various different heaters on the market, and infrared heaters are consistently popular because they deliver up to a 50% reduction in heating bills.

Infrared heater

Infrared heaters, such as the Birchwood Rhino heater, emit a safer and more natural heat than other types of heaters. Their popularity is also boosted by their safety credentials because parents are aware that their children can come into contact with infrared heaters without being burnt. This is also the case for family pets, who will not be harmed by this kind of heater.

These days there is a lot more awareness about the need to reduce emissions and protect our environment. People realise that this global procedure starts at home and even the smallest things like your infrared heaters can play a massive role in helping to cleanse the environment. Some heaters result in carbon combustion, which is a dangerous process that threatens the environment we live in. However, there is no such concern with infrared heaters, meaning that if you own one you are contributing to saving the planet. The fact that they are greener than many alternatives plays a big part in their popularity.

The practicality of infrared heaters is another huge selling point. A wide range of products is available, but infrared heaters usually come out on top as the most popular because they are so easily installed and used. They are also sold in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, which means that customers can choose a practical infrared heater that also looks good in the home.


The infrared heat emitted from these heaters gently warms the surrounding areas in the same way that the Sun warms the Earth. It is a straightforward method, but one that makes infrared heaters a welcome addition to any home.

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