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DIY Things You Can Do On The Cheap To Increase Your Home Value

Boosting the value of your home need not cost the earth. Even if you don't have a large enough budget available to add a loft conversion, a brand-new kitchen or update your bathroom, there are plenty of low-cost DIY ways of making your home more appealing to potential buyers.

For larger projects, you may decide to raise finance, for example, by using a UK mortgage calculator to determine the potential monthly costs of refinancing your home to release the required capital.

Increase the Value of Your Home

The easiest and cheapest way to make your house look more valuable is to simply repaint the walls. Relatively cheap to buy and easy to apply, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders, transforming tired old rooms so that they end up looking as good as new. Remember to stick to light, neutral tones - buyers may be put off if your colour scheme is too overpowering.

Paint or wood stain can also be used to update your kitchen by giving your cabinet doors a fresh new look. You can take this a step further by changing your existing knobs and handles for newer, more modern versions. Updating your kettle, toaster and other small appliances can also make your kitchen look far more appealing.

You should also consider repainting your front door and tidying up the front garden if you have one. Both will add to the 'kerb appeal' of your home, meaning that buyers will consider it to be a more valuable property from the moment they arrive to view it.

When it comes to the bathroom, spending a few pounds on small touches such as the towel rail, toilet-roll holder and toilet seat as well as soap dishes and toothbrush holders can all make a huge difference. Cleaning or repainting the grout between tiles can also help to turn back the years.

Another key tip is to get rid of as much clutter and junk as you can, especially anything that is blocking windows and reducing the amount of natural light in the property. This will make it far easier to sell your home for a higher price. Although many buyers will be able to look beyond the piles of clothes, overflowing cupboards and junk stuffed under the bed, others will not. Estate agents are all too well aware of this, which is why they will price an uncluttered home that seems bright and spacious above an identical home that is an Aladdin's cave of chaos.

The fewer items of furniture you have in each room, the larger those rooms will appear to be. If possible, visit a few show homes for ideas about how to keep the clutter to a minimum and best present your home to potential buyers.

Whatever technique you employ, the DIY route to home improvement is always going to be the cheapest one but always bear in mind that prospective owners will be quick to notice any flaws in your work. If your DIY skills will only allow you to bodge the job, you are far better off leaving the work to the professionals. In this situation, you may decide to use a UK mortgage calculator to determine the affordability of financing professional help. Remember that there is always a danger that if you make too many mistakes, you could actually decrease the worth of your home.

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