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No shame in a house name

Other than your offspring, the opportunities to give something meaningful in your life a name are few and far between. While all residential dwellings in the UK have a house number – written in law since the late 18th century - it's a shame that most do not have a name.

Things to consider when choosing a house name

Naming a house needs consideration. Firstly, it is important that you do not submit a name that can be found elsewhere in the same post code area otherwise the district council will reject your application on the basis that it could compromise the efficient delivery of mail.

Once the red tape is out of the way and a small fee is paid though, you can set about naming or re-naming your house. Naming your house should be an enjoyable and beneficial experience with the end title normally either something personal to the people dwelling inside or something that conjures up a favourable image. You might also like to consider linking the name to a local geographical feature or something of historical interest that has happened nearby. Looking at an old map of the area or a chat with a member of the local historical society might lead to that 'light bulb' moment. Above all, the name should be suitable and well-chosen.

Those urban dwellers hankering for a quiet life in the country often opt to call their abode things like, 'The Cottage', 'Hill Top View', 'Riverside' or 'The Meadows'. Others prefer to choose a name from themes such as animals and birds (The Warren, Cuckoo's Nest…or trees, plants and flowers…Orchard House, Rose Cottage etcetera.

In a recent survey carried out by mortgage lenders Halifax, The Cottage remains at No.1 as the most popular house name in the UK, whilst 'The Old Post Office' comes 21st - the top placed new entry in the top 50, possibly as a direct result of the large number of post offices that have been sold off for residential use. Not surprisingly, 'Bedlam', the actual name of a quiet rural village near Harrogate in North Yorkshire, was found to be one of the least popular house names.

Once a name has been chosen and verified by the district council, it's time to turn the idea into reality and get yourself a name plate to sit proudly by the side or on top of your front door or, if you have one, on the free standing post box on the path or drive to your house. Like the name itself, there are lots of different types of name plates to create the right impression.

Whilst you're in the process of naming or re-naming your property it might also be worth considering a new number plate to sit proudly alongside it. If it is a contemporary look you're after then you might try somewhere like Alternatively, for a more traditional design, have a look at: to get inspiration.

They say first impressions count, and quite often the exterior of your home can be just as important as the interior!

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