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9 Essential Home Renovation and Improvement Projects Most Homeowners Overlook

When it comes to owning a home, most people want to maintain the setting and make it increase in value over time to earn a higher profit when it's time to sell. With the right upgrades and improvements made, it's possible to increase the appeal of the setting and allow it to have a higher level of design and functionality. Here are a few of the most essential home renovation and improvement projects homeowners tend to overlook and what to consider doing on your own property.

Improvement projects

1. New Flooring

It can be easy to neglect the floors and focus more of your attention on other materials that are more visible, but new flooring will enhance the quality of your space and can give it the makeover it needs. Flooring materials have come a long way since shag carpet and linoleum were commonly used and are designed to be more sustainable. Some of the top flooring materials to consider installing include bamboo, engineered hardwood, vinyl tiles, Berber or nylon carpet, ceramic tiles, and laminate. The new flooring will not only create a more comfortable and attractive interior setting, but it will also boost the property value of the home.

2. Improve the Ventilation

It can be easy for homeowners to focus too much attention on performing upgrades that boost the look and design of the residential property, but other areas may need more attention. A lack of ventilation in older homes can lead to hazardous mold issues that are expensive to repair and can also threaten the health and safety of residents. Proper ventilation should be a top priority in the winter to prevent too much moisture from accumulating. Hire a professional to improve the circulation by installing new vents in the attic and roof, while also adding exhaust fans in areas like the bathrooms and kitchen where there's more humidity.

3. Curb Appeal

You may want to focus more of your attention on the interior setting where you spend the most time, but the curb appeal of the property significantly influences the home's value and also determines how much the house stands out in the neighborhood. Consider adding a few exterior touches like a fresh coat of paint or new vinyl siding to give it a facelift and allow the house to look new again. More homeowners are choosing to install materials like aluminum, steel, stone, cement fiber, and PCV, which have a higher level of durability and are considered to be modern materials to use.

4. New Light Fixtures

Updating your home doesn't have to mean spending a lot of time or money to improve the quality of the setting. Consider adding chic or modern light fixtures in your kitchen, bathroom, and entryway to make a statement and create a contemporary setting that has more appeal. Light fixtures are often available at affordable prices and are easy to install with the help of a professional. You can also consider installing new fixtures on the outside of the house to boost the curb appeal.

5. Green Upgrades

Green upgrades are often neglected but are necessary to create an eco-friendly home that uses less energy, which can lead to plenty of savings throughout the year. Some of the top green upgrades to perform include installing energy-efficient windows and doors, solar tubing and solar panels, low-flow faucets and toilets, and LED smart lights and switches. Although the projects may be investments, the new features and materials installed can allow you to recoup the costs over time.

6. New HVAC System

A new HVAC system can transform the quality of the residential property and may be necessary if the parts are old and worn. A new HVAC system will not only reduce your energy usage when it comes to heating and cooling the home throughout the year, but it can also improve your air quality. Newer models are known to be more economical and don't work as hard to operate. They're also known for heating or cooling each room of the home evenly to ensure that the interior setting is comfortable.

Installing new insulation that is damaged or old with the help of a company like InstaLoft will also reduce energy usage in the building by controlling the internal temperature in the house. You can learn more information here on how to prevent drafts or the transfer of heat or cold air into the home.

7. Soundproof Windows and Walls

Soundproof walls and windows are essential to creating a quiet home with a higher level of privacy and is easy to install yourself in a few steps, according to The soundproofing feature is most beneficial in properties that are located in downtown areas or near busy streets where noise is often present. For many people, the outside sounds can interrupt sleep and make it difficult to have clarity while spending time inside the home. Renovating the walls and windows can offer peace of mind and make the house a more habitable setting that with an affordable investment that can add substantial value to the property.

8. The Driveway

The driveway may seem like a mundane feature on the property, but it's considered to be the introduction to your home and is the first point of contact. Unfortunately, a cracked or damaged driveway can be a safety hazard because it's easy to trip over, especially with children who are playing outside. There are many ways to redo the driveway, which includes using different types of stone or brick. Adding shell or recycled materials to the driveway can also allow it to have extra personality.

9. Adding Upscale Details

Adding upscale details to the house will make a significant difference in the quality and appeal of the space, according to You can install crown molding in each room to make the place feel more expensive. Exterior trim can also be added for added definition and design. A glamorous backsplash in the kitchen or bathrooms will increase appeal and will make the home more desirable. Warming drawers in the kitchen offer increased functionality and convenience, as well as a spa bathroom with heated towel racks and floors. Building a dressing room with plenty of storage space will also pay off and will allow you to have a place to store extravagant purchases.

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