How to do DIY

How to Furnish Your Home For Less

If you've just moved into a new home, or you've bought a home to let out and you need to furnish for the tenants, then you may find yourself short on time, money or a cool head to do it. But there are several options open to you.

Furniture for Less

Get Furniture for Free
There are many websites out there where people can list furniture they want rid of. The advantage of this is that it is free, but it does mean that you may not get exactly what you want and it could take a long time if you want to kit out your entire house. If you're willing to keep an open mind and are able to imagine what you could do with a piece of furniture, e.g. a lick of paint, then these types of sites can enable you to furnish your home for free. Usually you are required to collect the furniture yourself, so when you do make sure that you check it over before you take it home to make sure that it's functional.

Second Hand Shops
Whether you trawl charity shops, the local market or go to an auction, buying second hand can be really cheap, but it's green and can also be fun. There are lots of places that can yield second hand furniture, and it can be anything from picture frames to armchairs. If you're going to a market, either arrive at the crack of dawn or just as they are packing up. You'll grab a beauty if you go in the morning and a bargain in the evening. Shopping like this can also take a long time, but if you know how to haggle it can be cheap, and there's no reason why they won't be good pieces of furniture.

Build it Yourself
There are some things that you may be able to build, revamp or repurpose yourself. Things like headboards and soft furnishings you can make yourself with the right know how. Replacing hardware and fixtures can breathe new life into something you thought had lost all worth.

Budget Stores
There are now many budget stores both online and off selling new furniture. Look online first as they are a great way to bag a bargain. It also means that you are likely to get a lot of furniture at the same time, so your house will become liveable more quickly, ideal for a landlord.

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