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Home Décor Inspiration

One of the most positive factors about having your own home is because you get to decorate it as you please which is fantastic for those who really like to experiment with different colours, styles and patterns.

The thing that many people don't realise is they don't have to follow the typical trends of homes that you often see throughout big high street retailers but you can actually be inspired from your everyday life and if you see something you like then you can bring this into your home.

Ways to get inspiration

For example how many times do you walk down the street and say I like that or I like this? Well use those thoughts to bring them into your home and a great way to do this is my taking notes and pictures of items, materials, furniture styles and then you use this to create your own mood board.

One of the best ways to access home décor inspiration is not by browsing through endless magazines or home décor sites but instead to go to your favourite restaurant and pick out certain aspects that you like from around the room.

For example:

Chairs from the restaurant for the kitchen
Wallpaper from the restroom for your bathroom at home
The patterns of furniture items for cushions for your sofa
Lighting in the restaurant garden to use in your own

These are just a few ideas of how you should open your eyes more to witness the new and old surroundings around you as this makes the task of decorating the home so much easier when you know exactly what you are looking for.

An excellent example of an online furniture store which caters to businesses such as restaurants is Hill Cross Furniture and they are an excellent source for inspirational usages. Below are some examples of their high quality and luxurious work:

Once you have an idea of things you have been inspired by and you have a mood board of ideas put together then you can pitch these thoughts to an interior designer or to use them yourself to really challenge yourself by decorating and finding the materials and furniture items that you need.

Your home will feel so much more individual and unique if it is catered exactly to your personality rather than buying everything from one mainstream store where everyone else's homes will be decorated the same as yours.

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