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Avoiding expensive home damage repairs

Regardless of the extent to which you restrain the unnecessary costs of raising a child, avoiding costly clothes or toys or when resigning from expensive days out, accidents happen. In some cases they seem to prove to be really pricey, so they can drain your funds really easily.

As stated in the late study carried out by More Than the typical cost incurred by the children causing house damage can reach £2000 by their 10th birthday.

Make sure you're covered

The extensive cost of home repairs caused by kids can really give parents loads to think about. That is why some parents came to the conclusion that they can't buy anything breakable until they kids grow – up. It is believed that about 29 % of parents save some part of their incomes in case their kids cause any home accident resulting in costly repairs/replacements.

When it comes to the damages caused by our beloved ones, some of them are really 'creative' e.g putting toast to the DVD player, whereas another ones being slightly less 'creative' but rather expensive e.g. broken windows, TV or electronics.

1. Drawing on walls
2. Permanent stains on the carpet
3. Breaking plates and crockery
4. Damaging furniture
5. Footprints/handprints on surfaces
6. Scratching upholstery
7. Blocking the toilet
8. Accidentally smashing a window
9. Scratching walls with bikes
10. Blocking kitchen/bathroom sink
11. Breaking beds by jumping on them
12. Staining kitchen surfaces
13. Breaking door handles
14. Pulling up carpets
15. Splashing paint on everything
16. Gluing things to furniture and walls
17. Breaking banister to the stairs
18. Breaking the TV
19. Setting things on fire
20. Putting toys in the microwave

Below are some ideas for you to keep your kids entertained, so that they do not break anything at the house:

1. Keep your youngsters busy
According to the survey 22% of parents never leave their kids unattained to prevent the risks from breakages and spillages. Entertaining your kids may prevent from those. Make sure your kids are focused on playing with paper and pens (ideally washable ones) on the table and in the safe areas where they can't cause any harm to neither yourself nor the house. Dig out the board games to get their attention. You will be surprised how these can keep them entertained while you will be able to relax.

2. Put breakables out of your kids reach
It is estimated that 25% of parents can't purchase anything easily breakable simply because they will find those items broken within months of purchase. It may be actually a good idea to refrain from buying delicate items when you have small kids in your household.
Hide the vases and plates high up out of your kids reach, keep sharp items in top – unreachable drawers and cover couches with spill-proof blankets. Make sure you keep your electrics away from your small ones, mobiles, tablets and laptops get very often destroyed by them as well.

3. Invest in accidental damage insurance
Prevent, prevent and prevent and if you can't make sure you get More Than home insurance accidental damage cover to cover your home belongings, so that you can watch your kids playing with pretty much everything without you getting a heart attack when thinking about fixing all the damages caused by them in the process.

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